I am leaving for WPPI TOMORROW!!!! If you aren't a photographer (hi mom!  hi past brides!  hi future brides!), this might not interest you, but every year, all the photographers in the world flock to the best place in the world (Las Vegas, OBVIOUSLY!!!) for a few days of learning, eating, partying, and general awesomeness!  I don't know how many years in a row I've been going, but I'd say it's between 7 and 10.
If you are going, I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to come find me and say hi!  I love meeting people and putting faces to names, so I really hope that you will come and talk to me!  Seriously--don't be scared--I don't bite (most of the time)!
In previous years, I've scheduled literally EVERY spare minute, so this time, I have kept my actual commitments to a minimum to allow more time for conversation and having fun!  
Here's my schedule:
3-5: I'll be in BECKER'S class, The B.E.CK.E.R system
5:30-7:30:  Bludomain is hosting a cocktail party/dinner for me and a few other people (This was just confirmed yesterday)and I think there might be spots open!  For more                     information on that, visit their FACEBOOK PAGE
9:30pm-???  My husband Jeff will be with me on this trip and we'll likely be spending some time at the Blackjack or Craps tables at MGM that night!  Come play with us!                          Chances are good I'll finish the evening at the MGM poker room too :)

9:00-12:00:  I'll be at the TRADESHOW!  I will be spending most of my time at the SHOOTSAC BOOTH, which is immediately behind the WHCC booth.  There's a contest going                        on that if you can take a photo with either ME or KEATS and tweet it, you are entered to win a BRAND NEW Red Tote & Shoot!  So catch me if you can!
2:00-4:00:  I'll be back at the TRADESHOW, wandering around and doing demos at the Shootsac booth again!
9:00-???:  MADERA PROHIBITION PARTY!  Click the link to snag a ticket--I'll be hanging there all night, unless I decide to hit up Airplanes & Blazers late night!

10:00-12:30:  I'll be back at the TRADESHOW!!  Most likely at the Shootsac booth, so stop by!
3:00-5:00:  I'M SPEAKING!! I would love for you to come to my presentation on all different kinds of change, and how to assess the best decisions for you and your business.  I'll also be talking about current trends, and how to know if it's a real TREND or just TRENDY!  Don't miss it--I really don't want to be speaking to an empty room!
Night (time TBD):  Party time!  I'll be playing blackjack or poker somewhere!
I hope that I get to see plenty of you out and about!  We have some RAD stuff going on at the Shootsac booth in particular, here's a little sneak peek of the NEW covers (with pockets!!!) we'll have on hand, along with a slew of other new stuff:



Being at WPPI is a crazy, exciting, scary, fun, and weird experience. I'm super stoked to be going this year, and for those of you newbies attending, DON'T BE AFRAID TO SAY HI!!  The best part of WPPI is the new friends you'll meet, but that can only happen if you're out and about and not shy! 
 See ya'll on the other side :)