"Are you going to do maternity photos?" was the question I'd been asked at least 20 times or more since getting pregnant. To tell you the truth, I really wasn't sure I wanted to.  I mean, as much as a positive experience being pregnant has been for me, I wasn't sure I needed photos of me at my largest immortalized forever.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I might someday want to look back on this time in my life, and in retrospect, I'd probably have a much more flattering view of myself than I do right now.
So I called my friend Jill.  Jill is such a sweet, non-intrusive person that I knew she'd be perfect to capture some images naturally of us that I'd cherish.  Jill suggested that for help with the styling, I contact Kami With A K, which was absolutely the best thing I could have done!  Once we decided on where the shoot would be (our home and neighborhood pool), Kami came up with some inspiration boards for shots as well as wardrobe for me to use as a guideline.  I will for sure be recommending her to my clients for engagement & family shoots from now on!
Kami's first board was one for us to shoot at home.  Here was the inspiration:


And here were some clothing options she gave me:


Now not everything she chose worked for me, but it gave me a great basis to go from when I started shopping!
We started off the shoot at our house:


I love the feel of these--soft and simple:



Acey is and always will be our first baby. We've learned together how to put someone before ourselves and to consider her before we make decisions like going out for too long at a time, vacations, etc.  We do everything we can to make sure she has a good life.  I think she has been in many ways, excellent preparation for our new baby:


Cravings. I haven't really had any cravings and nothing really weird, but one thing I can't stop eating is WATERMELON!


Here we are in what will be baby's room. Not finished yet.  I'm hoping that nesting thing will kick in asap!



The ferris wheel on the right is significant--it looks like the one we got engaged on, and it was also present at our wedding :)


Just a casual shot in the meeting area of the house:


Kami's second board was for a shoot at the pool. We're lucky to have a ton of pools to choose from here in our neighborhood, so we were able to shoot at one that was both pretty and empty, like in this board!


Some clothing options:


I happened to already have a striped dress from Jill that matched the inspiration board perfectly!


My fave:


I like these two :)


This long cover-up was from Anthropologie--I just loved the colors of it!



One last one from the house:


Jill & Kami, thank you SO much for being YOU! We love the photos :)  All these photos were shot by Jill Thomas (click the link to see her faves on her blog)!