Before I got pregnant, I told Jeff I wanted to get another puppy. Acey has just brought so much fun and joy to our lives, wouldn't another puppy just double that?  It seems that in the past year, I've forgotten why exactly getting a puppy isn't necessarily the best idea for 1.  Someone expecting a baby or 2.  Someone who values sleep or free time.  As cute as the little guys are, they are a TON of work!
We got a little reminder of exactly HOW much work puppies are last weekend when we had this little visitor with us for three days:


This baby Shar Pei (and what's cuter than a baby Shar Pei??) flew to NYC last Monday to be with his family. I was sad to see him go, but thankful we are at the point with Acey where she is just a GREAT dog and companion, and not such a baby!
Mainly because the date of our ACTUAL baby's birth is getting closer and closer....
Speaking of which, one of our main debates right now is what the baby might look like.  Like most expecting parents, we are primarily concerned that the baby will be HEALTHY!  But secondarily, we hope he is cute.
Before we were ever pregnant, we did one of those face-morph things that tells you what your baby will look like.  Let's just say the results were...less than stellar:


If our baby comes out with a comb over to rival Donald Trump and a mock turtleneck, I might be a bit perturbed.
So far, he looks like a normal baby:


And as for me, I've been absolutely blessed with a GREAT pregnancy. Not much in the way of symptoms, although there's no way I'll be falling into the "I didn't know I was pregnant" category since I am HUGE!  I had some maternity photos done last week, which I absolutely can't wait to get back and share!
We've been busy preparing for the big arrival by starting to get our nursery in shape (it isn't done yet), and buying a few select things for him.
My favorite so far is this Mamaroo--check it out!


While growing baby (yet to be named, by the way), I've been busy busy shooting, traveling, and living life! I'll be posting a TON of weddings, engagements, and shoots this week and next, as well as my maternity photos and nursery updates.
Also, I'll be busy reassuring myself that even if the baby comes out already having graduated from Law School at 8 years old like in the photo, that we will love him anyway :)
And that's my life lately!