I'm so excited to finally share this absolutely adorable engagement session I shot in Edinburgh, Scotland a few weeks ago!
While I was teaching at Aspire in England, I met Rachel. Rachel is the full time shoot stylist and support for Aspire, and to say she is good at her job is a massive understatement.  She pays such attention to detail that you'd think she lived in a dark room hunched over a computer all day and never sees the light of the sun.
Obviously, that isn't true--she's also a model.
But that's not all either--she's also in love :)
Rachel and Nick met in London, but their relationship has never been a simple one.  As an actor on a Scottish TV show, Nick lives in Glasgow most of the time, and in Edinburgh the rest of the time.  Rachel moved from London back home to Cumbria, making theirs a long-distance relationship for the past year and a half.  You can read more about their story on Green Wedding Shoes later today!
In any case, when I found myself with an extra day or two, we decided to hop on a train and head to Scotland, where Rachel reunited with Nick and we roamed around the city just looking for spots to shoot!
Nick wore his Kilt--Rachel's idea, but Nick didn't mind!  He loves wearing his kilt, and in his own words "I've never met a girl who didn't love a man in a kilt".  Point taken, Nick:


Edinburgh is an INCREDIBLE city. I've traveled quite a bit and I've never said this before, but I could live there.  It's got just the right amount of character and culture, and one day wasn't nearly enough there!


I'm sure if circumstances were different, Rachel might not mind it there either :)


There were TONS of big Church doors to shoot against:


Lots of cobblestone streets and exposed brick:


love love love the architecture:


And the wardrobe :)


Nick only had a short time to spend with us that morning, but he and Rachel made the most of it! Dating long distance definitely makes you treasure the time you get to spend together:


We shot the majority of this engagement session in an area called Greyfriars Kirkyard. There's a legend about the story of Greyfriars Bobby, a tale about a most loyal dog and his master.  You can read about it HERE


Greyfriars is centuries old--some of the gravestones there date back to the 17th century, I believe!


It was absolutely a perfect place for photos, especially in outfits that pop like Nick's kilt and Rachel's red tights!


The sun ducked in and out of the clouds but it was just AMAZING both ways!


Can you see Rachel's shoes? A nice tartan pattern perfectly appropriate for this shoot:


If there's one thing that's the same in any language, culture, or country, it's what love looks like. It looks like this:


Good thing I recognized it, because there's absolutely nothing in the USA that looks like this!



I love this one:


A little warm sepia on a cold day:


Something about these two makes me feel cozy:


Fun fun!


A better shot of the shoes (It might not be the last one, sorry!)


This spot reminded me of the walls with plates on them that are cropping up more and more places. Take that Viceroy!



Rachel threw on a jumper (that's "sweater" for all you non-Brits!) to beat the chill in the air:


There's something about this one I keep coming back to:


A little playtime!


And a little romantic time:


I may have to make a large print of this one:


Told you so :)


I love the look of the kilt flying out! Did you know that real Scotsman do not wear anything under their kilts?  I do NOT have firsthand knowledge of this, but I've been told it's true. I'm glad it wasn't a windier day.  ;)


A few calmer black and whites:


And a few kisses:


We finished shooting at Greyfriars and packed up to head out--Nick had to get back to work!


But I wasn't going to let them get away without just a few more photos in the city:


And a few more:


We were walking along the street when I came across the boutique of a milliner (hat maker). I saw this piece in the window and decided I was going to have it as a souvenir no matter what!  So I bought it, and promptly placed it on Rachel's head for the rest of the shoot:


After Nick jetted off to work (glam life!), I shot a few more of Rachel. Because, well, she's pretty and we had just bought the hat!



It really was the perfect accessory:


And Rachel the perfect model:


Rachel & Nick, thank you so much for showing me Edinburgh, and for showing me YOU! I can't wait to come back for the wedding (which will be so much more awesome than the royal wedding).  And Mel, thanks for coming, and for being you :)