Sometimes you just know things are going to be good.
When Aspire Photographer Training in the UK first contacted me about taking my JC/OC workshop abroad, my first reaction was to be nervous. How would I get a location, styled shoot, models, etc. etc. etc?  One of the reasons I've not taken my workshop other places up till now is the stress of dealing with all the logistics.
Within one email, Mel had me 100% convinced that every little detail would be attended to and I didn't need to worry about a thing.
She was right.
Last week, I spent the week in the Lake District, teaching and photographing some AMAZING things while teaching for Aspire.  No joke, it was the best teaching experience I have ever had. Aspire is a TOP NOTCH organization and I'm very proud to have gotten to be a part of it, if only for a week.  I'm very excited for things in the works with them coming up this year and in the future :)
My favorite part of what we did, as always, was the SHOOTING!  Thanks to Rachel, the incredible stylist, caretaker, model, and all around superstar for making everything so gorgeous.  Oh, and to Kate & Tony Hopewell-Smith for being their hot selves and bringing the heat to this shoot!
The stunning bouquet by Valerie Anne Florist:


Kate, a fab photographer in her own right (and one of Aspire's trainers) and her amazing husband Tony:


The Aspire offices/training center are located on a pretty amazing piece of property in Cumbria, in the Lake District. We were really lucky this day to have a gorgeous day (it was the only day I was there that there was real sun right at the perfect time):


Kate's dress absolutely made this shoot! It is by Anna McDonald:


There were tons and tons of spots to shoot, each one better than the next:


A fur stole? Yes please :)


Sweet moments? Well, if you insist :)


Kate is such a gorgeous bride. A cross between Alice in Wonderland and Snow White:


Rachel has the job that about a billion people i know would kill for--full time photo shoot stylist. Her job consists of thinking up amazingness for the photographers training and shooting at Aspire to photograph.  It is SO much work, but it's obvious how she loves it by how much she puts into it:


Thanks Rachel :)


What would a shoot in England be without Tea?


Delightful lovlies :)


When I saw this spot on the property, I was surprised to hear it didn't get much use normally. I thought it was pretty ideal for this setup:


Although if you put a couple this into one another anywhere, it's going to be great!


The back of this dress KILLS me!


Tony is such a sweet man:


It is so obvious how much he loves Kate:


Just some prettiness:


Wild daffodils grew everywhere! Between those and the tons of sheep dotting the hillside, I felt like I stepped into a storybook:


A gust of wind at just the right time:


More setup from Rachel, perfect for photographing Tony:


Tony, you are George Clooney in real life :)


No wonder you got a girl like this:


Demonstrating backlight:


Another Rachel detail--a bridal party sign to cover up the sign that is actually on the fence :)


Look at the sheep! This was about as close as we were going to get with 20 photographers in tow!


One last shot:


Aspire, THANK you so much for this day. And Day 1 class--thank you for your excitement, your sense of fun, your curiosity, your engagement, and your presence!!