The most frequently asked question lately is, "So, how's the house coming?". you go!
It's been exactly one month since we moved into our new house! I have to say, I am behaving NOTHING like the way I did when Jeff and I moved into our last place after our wedding.  We rented quite an amazing house, and because we knew we may only be there a year, we did a ton of stuff to it before we moved in.  By the time we actually got in there, we had already painted the entire house complete with accent walls, put in flooring in my old gallery space, had a custom wall built...really it goes on and on. Lots of people thought we were silly (read: stupid) for putting so much work into a rental.  But, having rented one place for three years before that, I never did a thing and regretted it every day.  We wanted to have a house right away that looked and felt like US, for however long we were there.
That turned out to be 1.5 years.
Now that we're in our new house, I've been...kind of frozen with indecision about what to do here!  It turns out that knowing we'll be here long term (for a few years at the very least) has made me feel more rather than less careful about my choices.  It's strange because now that we own our house, we can repaint or redecorate any time we want to, but I guess I just want to do it right this time.  Apparently that's synonymous with SLOW.
Anyway, I've decided to start with the family room & kitchen, where we spend most of our time.  Next will be the baby's room, and then the front part of the house which is my client meeting space and dining room.  After that, our bedroom, and then finally, the two guest rooms.  Somewhere in there I'll find a chance to work on the backyard. 
By the way, if anyone wants a 6-8 person hot tub/spa that is currently taking up about 1/3 of our yard (it's a small yard), could you please come pick it up immediately?  Seriously.  It needs a $150 part to work.
i thought you might like to see which direction I'm leaning in for home decor, so here goes!
I would define my style as Modern Eclectic, so I want to pick mostly neutrals and then spice up a few walls or rooms with wallpaper or a bright touch here and there.  In the photo on the left, you'll see I have an inspiration board in my kitchen with some wallpaper samples I'm considering, as well as some green paint samples--one of them will be the color the wall behind the silver table becomes. It'll likely be the top color The photo on the right is all my grey samples.  If you've ever tried to paint your home grey, you know how hard it is to find the perfect one!  I'm leaning towards the bottom row, middle color:


The silver table and white chairs above are from Ikea.
We purchased the couch below in pretty much the same color (slightly darker). However, we needed a larger one and a chase since we regularly have large groups of people over so we ended up having it custom made.  The original one is from ZGallerie. There will be three sections instead of two, and one will have a chaise coming out of it for napping (Jeff's #1 couch priority).  Unfortunately, the material we picked is back ordered and the couch won't be here for 8 weeks.  Boo.:


And...that's it so far! The paint in these two rooms should be done in the next week or two, so I'll post the before and after then :)