Over the past few years, I feel like I've grown to be a regular in Hawaii, and in particular on the island of Maui. My two favorite places to stay and shoot are the Grand Wailea (where this shoot took place) and the Four Seasons Maui, where I've been fortunate to shoot quite a few times as well. When Hana & Edwin told me that they wanted to do a relaxed beach shoot prior to their wedding day (which I will be sharing soon), I was thrilled, needless to say!!
Most couples shoot their portraits the day after the wedding, but if you aren't wearing the same outfit anyway, I think this is a great way to kick off your destination wedding experience!  It is relaxing, fun, and feels so free to be spending time on the beach with your fiancee (and me of course)!  
When I arrived on Maui for Hana and Edwin's wedding, I was coming off one of the longest flights of my life, having flown straight there from Moscow.  I thought I was going to be exhausted, but there's something about Maui and a tropical wedding that just infuses me with energy, and the second my feet hit the beach, I was pumped!  We shot these photos down on the beach at the Grand Wailea, and it was a perfect way to start off Hana & Edwin's wedding weekend:
Hana & Edwin, on just another perfect Hawaiian day:


I think the point of sessions like this is to just feel relaxed and comfortable with one another, and to ENJOY the place! Wedding planning is so stressful, especially when you're planning from far away, that it is easy to forget WHY you're doing all the planning in the first place:


It's to celebrate and revel in your love for one another. And the love Hana & Edwin share is really beautiful:


I want to tell you more about this couple but I feel like I should wait for the wedding post! However, I will say this:  Edwin, you are such a kind man, and Hana, the two of you compliment one another like pieces of a puzzle:


The color and light in Hawaii is my favorite:


A relaxed moment. On your actual wedding day, it is so hard to find the time to just...be:


It's also a great chance to just have FUN!


Laughing and spending time together--this is what I like to see couples do. I love to see people in love!



A few portraits in the water...because when the water is that warm and gorgeous, why not??


The last few minutes before sunset is my favorite time of day to shoot. That's when get that magical golden glow:


My favorite--this is what Hawaii is about to me:


Even after the sun goes down, the world looks beautiful:


And so do Hana & Edwin:


Hana requested some "fully in the water laying down" photos, so we did this.


However, when you do things like this, things happen. Hana handled it gracefully....


...but Edwin was a bit harder hit! Don't worry though, he's okay :)


Hana & Edwin, thank you for showing me what love looks like. Wedding photos coming soon!