Our baby girl Acey turned ONE year old yesterday! We woke up and congratulated ourselves at having kept her alive for this long.  Perhaps we are ready for parenthood after all!
Our Acey girl is an Old English Sheepdog.  We chose this particular breed for the personality, character, and absolutely adorable shaggy coat look!  This is a photo of her from this fall:


Well, when we went to Vegas for WPPI we boarded her at a place that really is a wonderland for dogs. It has a huge yard, is cage-free, and even has a pool!  Our girl loves to play in the pool, and as a result when we got her back, she was extremely matted and gnarled.  Despite our incessant brushing and washing her, the mats were too severe.
So, like any red-blooded girl, we took Acey to spend her birthday yesterday at the beauty parlor, hoping the groomer would be able to work out the matts we weren't able to get.
No such luck.  Acey is now the proud owner of a haircut that makes her look like either a Schnauzer or a hairless cat. Some birthday :/


Even though she was a little depressed, she cheered up when we gave her a cookie and some gifts. The girl loves to open presents--I'll have to post a video one of these days:


And, like Jeff and I, she celebrated by having her friends over for a princess party/poker night:


With mom & dad (I got a haircut too--thankfully it turned out slightly better than Acey's):


The birthday girl:


Although her new sleek coat is taking some getting used to, Acey is as upbeat and playful as ever. She is a reminder daily to look on the brighter side of things and to enjoy life.  We love our puppy!