Since this whole website is geared around "Stuff I Love", I figured I am way overdue for a new round of, well, stuff I love! I am also going to throw in some stuff I don't love, just for good measure.  And because I can.  :)
1.  American Idol
I haven't loved American Idol this much since the first season.  Jennifer Lopez, I haven't loved you this much since you were in Selena.  You prove to me every Tuesday (and now Wednesday and Thursday as well) that you are truly still Jenny from the Block.  And Steven Tyler, could you be any more kind and adorable?  Even with those weird hippie feather things in your hair, you still add the character and oddness the show needs, a gaping void left by Paula's drugged out stupor.  Randy, sorry you're taking so much heat for being honest, but hey, someone has to do it.


My three favorite contestants? Casey Abrams, Paul McDonald, and Lauren Alaina.  One of them just HAS to be the winner, don't you think??  


2. New House!
We made the big move this past weekend, and we are slowly but surely digging out from under a mountain of boxes.  The first order of business is going to be getting, well, my business area set up--my meeting space!  My current furniture does not work, so I will be doing some shopping, some wallpapering, some painting, and some crafting to make this small but bright space the perfect area to meet my clients.  I'll be posting before and afters of all the spaces in the new house, and I'm very excited for the day I have an "after" to show.  If you're meeting with me within the next two or three weeks, please excuse my dust!


3. Eating delicious things and it's okay because baby needs it
I'm not trying to gain a ton of weight while pregnant, but I do feel a little more accepting of giving in to cravings!  At WPPI, one very memorable meal was the Sunday brunch at Simon (at Palms Place).  It was so awesome!  You can order everything on the menu to eat family style--our group was actually BEGGING the waitress to stop bringing food. The piece du resistance?  The dessert tray with cotton candy, homemade snowballs, and other assorted deliciousness:


4. The Bachelor
Brad gets a feature in my "Stuff I Love" section on this blog, but this is an appropriate time to have a quick little chat about the show, isn't it!  Next week is "girls tell all" and then the finale, so this must be the week for "Jessica's Impressions".
Personally, I knew a few weeks ago that it would come down to Chantal O and Emily.  Ashley was bubbly and fun, and her family was absolutely delightful, but really, Brad needs someone a little more settled, and Ashley is still up in the air as far as how she wants her future to look.  The other Chantal (the funeral director) was probably just a little too creepy in the end.
Emily has been the front runner from the start, and Brad couldn't be more obvious about how into her she is.  But Chantal's got some spice to her and I personally think she's just a bit more interesting all around.  Emily is your typical Southern Belle--sweet, polite, soft-spoken, and just, well, NICE.  Chantal is a little more unpredictable and Brad needs someone to get him out of his shell a little more.  My money is on Chantal as the winner, but either way, I'd be shocked if the other one isn't the Bachelorette next season.


Stuff I DON'T Love
1. Baby boy clothes
Yes, we are having a BOY!  Jeff is quite excited that he's done his manly duty and produced a male heir, but I must admit, I'm a little disappointed in the selection of clothes for baby boys.  I mean, does EVERY outfit need to have puppies, trucks, or animals on it?  Can't clothes just be plain, cute, smaller versions of clothes a real man would wear?  So far all the clothes I'm finding look like BABIES would wear them--how rude!  Perhaps a boys' clothing line is in my future someday...
Suggestions welcome (and yes, I've already bought most of what H&M has to offer :) )
(seriously WHY is there a puppy on the butt of this outfit??)


2. WPPi Hangovers
Considering that the strongest thing I had to drink at WPPI was water on the rocks with a twist, I don't deserve the headaches, hacking cough, and general unwellness that comes after WPPI.  As much as I LOVE meeting everyone, seeing old friends, picking up new products, and all the other fun things, I do not appreciate feeling like I just got hit by a dump truck the next day.  WPPI SARS = Boo!
(I'll spare you a photo here)
That's it!  Tell me what YOU love/don't love this month!