Yesterday it occurred to me...the year is almost over! Thanksgiving week is usually my indicator that it's about time to start wrapping up and planning for the new year. Growing up on the East Coast, I got to experience this week in a haze of fall colors, cozy fires, and time with family. Now that I'm living in California, I don't feel like I really get to have a Fall, since the weather just doesn't change all that much.

So for today's episode of Stuff I Love, things that make me happy this time of year!

1. Cozy Socks.

I LOVE socks! I might be the only person who actually requests and hopes for socks as gifts. I found these little gems in the Mens section of Nordstrom Rack. Now, I think it's great that men want to express their fashion sense through their footwear, but really, why wouldn't they also carry these in the ladies section? They're so cute! I found them on, but they're almost twice as $$ as they were at the Rack. Still, totally worth it:


2. Jars of Cute Things

I went to the flea market with a friend on Sunday morning, and it's the first time I've been to one in YEARS!! I went there without a real purpose of stuff I wanted to find, so of course I ended up buying an assortment of items that I TOTALLY needed but didn't even know I needed until I saw them. Two of those items were these jars of cute things! I know, I'm a total sucker for purchasing old jars with things in them when I could easily make these myself, but they were so cute and already made, so I figured, why not?! I'm not ashamed:


3. Fall (& Acey Puppy)

I already said it but I'll say it again: I LOVE Fall! Maybe it's because I'm a redhead that I've always loved fall colors (I'm an Autumn according to Color Me Beautiful), but those crisp, rich, saturated hues make me fall in love every time I see them! Since Orange County isn't quite leaf-changing country, I bought some fake ones to scatter around my house to look a little more fall-y:


My puppy Acey took a liking to them and I've been hard-pressed to tear them away from her since she discovered them! Then I realized how completely adorable she was, and decided to do a little photo shoot of her instead:


I think she really enjoyed the shoot! I swear she was looking at me and smiling :)


Which one do you want Acey?


Better smell them to make a better decision:


Cute puppy!


I don't even think Acey knew I put a leaf on her face--she can barely see anyway!


I wore the poor thing out :)


Happy Fall! What do you love?