I knew that Curtis and Michelle would have beautiful babies because, well, look at them! I'm thinking about picking up a side job as a psychic because you only have to look at baby Kaya once to know that I hit the nail on the head this time :)
All kidding aside, one of the things I love to do is to photograph families who share my vision of how families should be photographed.  My own family is one that likes to wear matching outfits and sit in rows on the beach--I oblige to make my mother and family elders happy, but the truth is, I wish that they would be content with a more fun, free family photo style!  Maybe they'll see this post and skip the matching outfits next year.
I'll stop my yammering now and get to the goods :)
Kaya's little pigtails are so sweet:


I'm certainly no baby whisperer. Most of the time when I photograph children, these are the reactions I get:


So I'm not ashamed to call in for reinforcements!


Kaya is a girl with her own strong attitude and personality even at her young age. It's funny how kids come out a whole PERSON, even without the influence of others!  This is a girl who has known what she wants from the day she was born:


They say that baby girls have a special bond with their dads--I think that this is evident in Kaya & Curtis for sure!


Finally a little half-smile from her:


I didn't even notice this photo at first, but going through again, it's one of my favorites!


Men definitely handle babies differently than women do:


A few of the little princess alone:


Diamonds are a girls' best friend? Nah, I think it's mirrors (at least when you're this cute!)


Who could resist a reflection like this??


Kaya, you live a charmed life! Parents who adore you, charm, and personality.  I can't wait to see what you grow up to do!