I kicked off a whirlwind three weeks of traveling in the best possible way: With a couple with SO much personality it was impossible not to have an incredible time with them in Houston Texas!

You might remember Cecile & Robert from their New York engagement photos (*click here to see them*) this summer. I knew then that their animation and love would be so much fun to capture on their wedding day!

Cecile and Robert didn't have a short path, or an easy one. Although they met over 15 years ago and their parents live literally five minutes apart in Houston, Cecile and Robert aren't ones to stay in the same place for very long. Their jobs and lives have taken them (separately) literally all over the world, on at least three different continents, five states, and almost two decades. I love the fact that in all the world, they never found anyone else who could compare. Out of every person they met, it was each other's faces that they wanted to see every day. It's kind of amazing when you think about it!

Houston is the place that Cecile & Robert consider their home, and they wanted to honor that as well as their Vietnamese family traditions by holding their wedding there. In the Vietnamese culture it is customary to hold ceremonies at both the bride & groom's parents' homes, and it certainly was convenient that they live so close to one another!

The morning of the wedding was a bit dreary, but nothing could put a damper on Cecile--she was radiant!


Cecile had 9 bridesmaids, but because she was also going to have an American ceremony later that day, she split them up--half attended her in the morning, and the other half in the evening. Her sister got to go twice :)


The family brings gifts to the brides' house:


Cecile's sister and Cecile walking her into the ceremony:


There is lots of bowing--there seemed to be some dissention on exactly HOW many bows were necessary--I think Robert threw in a few extras just in case :)


There were speeches. Robert's father in particular gave an extremely moving speech. It was funny:


I have absolutely no clue what he was saying since the whole thing was in Vietnamese, but there wasn't a dry eye in the house, even mine! It was very moving:


Cecile received gifs of jewelry:


I LOVE the Vietnamese dress:


I think she looks like a Queen:


So sweet:


Robert, looking very handsome:


Later that day, we reconvened at the Houstonian Hotel in Houston, Texas, a gorgeous hotel on some beautiful acres of property! Cecile getting ready for her next ceremony:


I love these two:


Cecile went for a bit of a vintage look with a birdcage veil and a flower piece with feathers woven in:


Cecile's shoes--I just adore them!


It wasn't hard to shoot that day...nope:


I know that people show their emotions in all different ways. I love that Robert's face was so easy to read, especially as he read this card from Cecile:


I think he was pretty stoked on his gift--a completely unexpected Panerai watch! My husband would be jealous if he was reading this right now :)


Robert, as you can see, go to have a little outfit change too--who says that has to just be for the bride?! Looking formal and dapper waiting to see Cecile for their first look:


I took the opportunity to let him get his GQ on :)


First looks are SO fun! I love when a couple chooses to do a first look, especially if it is going to be rainy or dark after the ceremony:


They are just SO stinking cute together:


Robert really takes care of Cecile. It's fun to watch:


They also both know how to play it up for the camera:


This spot looks like something out of a Japanese garden:


I think I like it even better in sepia:


A few serious portraits:




Cecile photographs so beautifully! I could have photographed her all day:


Having perfect skin helps:


Stop it. Seriously.


Look at these suspenders! Probably my favorite touch for a man's outfit for a wedding ever:


Just because they did a first look doesn't mean that there was no excitement or emotion walking down the aisle! It was such a beautiful moment:


Full of surprises too :)


Sealing the deal:


Yay! Married!!


The ballroom was lit in changing colors all night, with beautiful white and green arrangements:


Robert told me earlier that he was nervous about the first dance. My normal response is that he shouldn't worry because most people will be looking at Cecile anyway :) I was SO WRONG though!

It started out traditionally enough:


But then they changed the music and did this amazing dance together! I have to say, Robert sure did play a part (Cecile was fab too, as expected):


The finale!


Robert dancing with his mom--obviously this is where he gets it!


The band was so amazing! They had SO much charisma, and every single person there was on the dance floor:


Robert pulling tricks out of his hat (or rather, pulling a hat out from under Cecile's dress while looking for the garter):


Not to be outdone, Cecile spent the night on the dance floor with her best friends:


One last kiss:


Cecile and Robert, thank you for trusting me with your wedding. I hope that the pictures show what an amazing job you did, and the beauty of your love for one another.

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