Meet Nathan. Nathan is a gorgeous, plump, healthy baby who watches everything! He has a peaceful, content air about him, and even though he's just a baby, just isn't the type to get worked up over nothing. He's a joy to be around!

Check him and his little baby belly out:


Nathan isn't your average baby though--he's a superbaby that has already overcome more than most people have to deal with in a lifetime, at least medically speaking:


Sometimes things just don't work out the way you plan, because Nathan was born at 27.5 weeks gestation on March 26th at 2lbs, 7oz. He was a tiny thing whose heart and willpower must have made up his entire weight at birth!


(above two photos used with permission from the family)

Because I'd shot maternity photos for a few of Kristin's friends, she emailed me when she found out she was expecting to book a session with me. We schedule the session for when she would be about 8 months along--nice and pregnant, but not too uncomfortable. Well, Kristin didn't quite make it to her shoot date, so we swapped maternity photo for baby photos once Nathan broke free of the hospital!

With preemies born this young, they are often hospitalized until around their actual due date, which in Nathan's case was June 22. He actually ended up being in the hospital until then, and then having to return briefly in July for a few days. But Nathan, thanks to the grace of God, amazing doctors and nurses, and of course the love of his parents and family is absolutely thriving in every way now!

Life just doesn't always go how you plan. Sometimes, you find blessings in the most remarkable, unexpected ways.

This is the story of a family. This particular family has four members:


"Dog?", You may be asking? This is Ellie. I'm normally not much for shooting dogs (except my own of course), but Ellie made it easy!


Anyway, back to the human members of the family. I think that most people who are experiencing their first go at parenthood have some apprehension, but Kristin makes it look like she's been doing it forever:


The family as a group is already such a bonded unit, it's kind of amazing to watch. They all look out for each other:


Kristin & Gordon are there to support Nathan, no matter what he might go through in his life:


They will be his biggest fans and supporters as he reaches milestones:


He is a lucky boy to have the two of them holding him up:


Brief interlude: Nathan's first...Chicken?


She was a nice chicken :)


Back to the family! Gordon, Kristin and Nathan have not had the beginning they expected, to say the least. The second Nathan came into the world, life changed for good. And for the better:


After spending every single day with Nathan in the hospital and navigating Gordon's work and school schedule, they really treasure moments together:


It's easy to see...they just love each other!


Standing in the field the day we shot these photos, I wondered if there were moments over the past few months that seemed like this would never be possible for them. If so, it was probably all the sweeter to be standing there as a family, like any family would do:


But I have a sneaking suspicion that there is maybe just a LITTLE more love shown every day, just a LITTLE more gratefulness at the small things that happen:


I think that most men secretly hope that they will have a son at one point or another. I can tell that Gordon is going to be excited to teach Nathan all about the important man-things he will need to know:


But for now, Nathan is just a baby, an adorable little love that wants to snuggle with daddy:


One thing that could have easily gotten forgotten over the past few months or even just on the day of this shoot is some time for just Gordon & Kristin. But they both requested a few times that we take some time for photos with just the two of them:


They're laughing together, and just loving life!


Oh Ellie, don't worry--they won't forget you either:


Ellie has had to take a bit of a backseat, but she understands, I can tell:


She will be there for you with unconditional love, just as you are for each other:


Life will never be the same for her either:


But Gordon and Kristin, it is amazing the way you are with each other. You could have picked another road. You could have spent your time fighting, arguing, and being sad. But you didn't. You spent it loving each other MORE and loving Nathan MORE:


You are also gorgeous:


Keep holding to each other, the way you have been. It will get you through the good and the bad times the way it always has:


Congratulations on building your beautiful family, and thank you for allowing me to capture it for an afternoon!