A few years ago, the phrase "Trash the Dress" started to pop up here and there. It was the concept of trashing your wedding dress since you're never going to wear it again

I will confess it here, internet: I HATE the term, "Trash the Dress". I think it's awful! Just because you're not going to wear something again doesn't mean you should trash it! You could sell it, donate it, save it...there are plenty of better things to do than trash it.


(and that's a big "however")

I LOVE the actual concept behind this. On your wedding day, most of the time, you'd like the dress to stay at least somewhat clean, right? I mean, you're going to be wearing it all night, and who really wants gobs of mud or water on it? It's tough to move around or break out of the box portrait-wise when you have to be so careful.

So I hereby submit for your approval a new term: DRESS IRREVERENCE

Let's face it--when you wear a WHITE garment, you're basically begging for trouble. I think day after sessions are a great opportunity to not worry about the dirt, mud, or water, and just play! Have fun! Make whatever kinds of photos you want! Sit down! Relax!

So that's what Katie and Dave did!

(they're both Merritt's now):


Now first of all, I had a very busy month in September so spare evenings for shoots were pretty much non-existant. When I told Katie that if she wanted to do one of these shoots (she just decided that she did a few weeks before the wedding), I could only do the morning. Good photographers know that the light is best close to sunrise or sunset, so that left K & D getting up super early the day after their wedding if they wanted to make this happen.

Man, were they dedicated! Well, Katie was dedicated to the photos. Dave was dedicated to Katie. Either way, it works out :)


In the early hours of dawn, the world looks different. More beautiful. Softer. More simple:


Just a little sweeter:


And yes, a little dirtier:


The thing about Dress Irreverence is that you have no limits. If you want to sit in dewy grass and catch the steam rising off a lake early in the morning, you can!


If you want to lean closer to your sweetie without it being a 15 minute production...cozy up!


And if you want to look stunningly beautiful, dewy, and fresh, you should:


Nothing will happen if you get just a LITTLE closer to that riverbed:


Want to plunge into a freshwater stream for a little drama? By all means!


Feel like making portraits so romantic you'll never forget them (or the chill that runs all the way to your bones)? Why not?


Want to celebrate your love and marriage to the person you've been waiting your whole life for without worrying about every little speck of dust? What's stopping you?


Dress Irreverence: Because there's absolutely no reason that you should have a care in the world the day after your wedding :)

Also, I hear from MANY girls that dirt, mud and water come right out in cleaning. Brides out there, if you've done a shoot like this, post a comment and let us know if your dress really was trashed, or if it was able to be cleaned! I'm curious what the rate of actual "trashing" is :)