My husband Jeff comes from a family of excellent homemakers. His mother, his sister, his sister in law--all of them are amazing women who take pride in cooking, taking excellent care of their children full time, and are very supportive of their husbands in every way.

Jeff married me. Now, there's nothing WRONG with me, but I'm cut from different cloth. We order in or eat out at least 5 nights a week most weeks, and for the most part, my cooking experiments have been...subpar. Perhaps some of you remember my attempt at a birthday cake for Jeff last year? Let's say it was terrible. Better than disasterous as it was still delicious but it looked a little...mauled. Took the cakes out of the pans too early and they stuck. Live and learn!

Recently Jeff told me that he would like me to cook dinner more often because it reminds him of growing up and (this is a direct quote), "good family values". Well, he also told me he wanted to out somewhere good for his birthday, so I decided to attempt the cake again.

The cake is a strawberry cake with powdered sugar strawberry icing. And love. There's like 2.5 tablespoons of love in it (you'd be surprised how hard it is to find at the regular grocery stores around here). Here's my finished result:


I feel so accomplished! Cindy, Cyndie and Julie would be proud :)

Last night we had a few friends over and played games, talked, laughed and celebrated Jeff being in our lives. We are all better than we would be otherwise because here is here with us.

Especially me :)

Happy Birthday Husband! Me and Acey love you :)