I've been on a whirlwind of travel lately and it's not stopping anytime soon! While I've got a minute to breathe, I'm spending time at home with Jeff, making dinner for friends, and playing with Acey puppy. Life is busy but sweet, and I love getting to do what I do in amazing places.

This past weekend, I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for an amazing wedding on a ranch. I have to wait a couple of weeks to post this one, but I have to say, sometimes you just look at things and say, "Wow, I thought that was fake!"

Every time I've seen photos of Wyoming with these perfect puffy clouds and mountains, I think that they've been retouched, smoothed, clouds added, etc. to give the overall effect of the perfect day. Turns out, it really does look like that there!

I've got several weddings in the pipeline, and I'm home now for two weeks before leaving for weddings for three weeks, so there will be lots of blog posting coming up! For now, here's a little peek at Wyoming (Congratulations to Katie and Dave!):

(**PHOTOGRAPHERS NOTE: I did process this shot with a Totally Rad Action called "Greetings from Paradise" at 30%)