I love shooting San Ysidro Ranchh weddings more than I could possibly describe. The place has something in the water (or maybe the air. or both) that makes you feel different the second you walk onto the property. It's a little hidden gem just south of Santa Barbara, and everything about it is just impeccible!

You might remember a wedding I shot there last year, which you can CLICK HERE to see. I've been dying to get back there, and last weekend I was fortunate enough to shoot another wedding there! Unfortunately, I cannot share any of the photos of the couple or guests due to privacy restrictions on this particular set of photos, but I thought it might be fun to show you a couple of the scenics and floral details! (no, it wasn't Hillary Duff's wedding, sorry to disappoint!)

One thing that can really make a wedding spectacular is having amazing florals. My friend Kate of Flower Wild is just a genius--a true artist who just happens to use flowers as her medium. All the flowers in these photos are by her.

If you're a bride out there who is looking to stick to more of a budget and wants to cut flowers, I would say that the only REALLY important floral piece is the bride's bouquet, for which no expense should be spared! You can do without flowers on the altar of your church or arrangements down the aisle, but a bride's bouquet can add so much color and beauty to the photos!


Just one of the hundreds of breathtaking scenes at San Ysidro. This is the view above where the cocktail hour was:


The ceremony takes place under the farther arch (there's a little lawn in between the two arches):


There are tons of interesting little nooks and crannies:


Another of the bouquet--Kate's flowers are so fresh and gorgeous!


A little cocktail table setup:


This is what the reception tables looked like. A nice natural centerpiece and a fresh, fully bloomed flower on each setting:


Here's a close up:


The lavender fields are probably the best thing about San Ysidro. After the ceremony, couples get to go and play in the lilac fields, which is absolutely incredible for portraits!