One of the things that I am surprised people want to know more about is my house! I'll admit--I've waited a long time to really spend some time and thought decorating and choosing things. My goal for my home is to have a space that is fun, interesting, a little quirky, bright, and yet still homey. I think I've done that better in some rooms than in others.

I've done it well in all the rooms I've shown you here on this blog.

Now it's time for something a little different.

Confession: I've been holding out on you. For those of you who have been following along, you'e seen a bunch of rooms, but one that has been conspicuously missing from any public presence whatsoever is the dining room. Why? Because it's like, really really ugly.

It is also home to a dining room table set that's so horrid it can only be called unholy. Even the suckers that troll Craigslist for cheap old furniture didn't want it. I only have it because when I moved into the house before this, I paid ridiculously small sums of money for items that they certainly didn't want to drag to their new house either. Hence, I've now dragged it home with me.

I have my eye on a new dining room set that both Jeff and I LOVE, but since we don't love the price tag, it'll have to wait until we win the lottery or a really really big poker tournament. Hey, it could happen!

For now though, internet, you may feast your eyes on this:


(Please note that I have chosen not to color-correct this photo due to the fact that the nasty yellow lighting perfectly suits my feelings about the room, a la Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Give it up English majors!).

(also note that the room has already been painted in anticipation of this project).


I'm about to unleash some spray paint on this mofo starting tomorrow at 09:00 hours. Jeff doesn't know I'm going to do this (and since he rarely reads my blog, he may or may not know until he gets home from his conference on Friday). But if you're reading right now Jeff, I love you! Don't worry, I won't wreck anything else.

Let's be honest though, can I really make it worse?

PROJECT REVITALIZE DINING ROOM BEGINS! Stay tuned with bated breath for updates.

(by the way, that's FOUR posts in two days. can you handle THIS?!)