John and Amy made the trip down from LA the other day to have me shoot their maternity photos! Married for two years now, they were ready to start their family and couldn't be more excited for the little boy that will be theirs in September. Amy is an OB nurse, so she's had lots of first hand experience with many births, and can't wait for her turn to give life.

I have this theory that men always want their first baby to be a boy and women usually prefer a girl for their first. Maybe it's just a bit of familiarity with what you'll be getting, but I know that John & Amy feel very lucky to be having a boy. This little boy is going to grow up in a home filled with so much love:


John is quiet, but so tender and kind with Amy:


It must be amazing to see your wife change from the girl you've known into a mother:


And for Amy to watch sides of John come out that she didn't even know were there:


I can't imagine how this time must feel: A mix of excitement, love, maybe a little scared, many emotions at the same time:


But mostly happy:


For sure, mostly happy:


Isn't it wild to look at Amy and know there's a whole PERSON in there? One with his own thoughts, feelings, and personality?


One who comes into the world with no expectations:


And whose every need you are responsible for fully:


I can't think of two people better prepared:


Or eagerly anticipating:


Or more loving:


And anticipating their new little one!

Asset160580 be continued in September :)