Every now and then I'll get what I like to call a "mystery client". This is a client that books me entirely over the phone or email, and whom I don't meet until the wedding day or the engagement session! Holly and Brian, being Manhattanites, were one such couple, and their wedding will be at the gorgeous Four Seasons Santa Barbara late next month! I was so excited to meet them finally, and shoot their engagement session up in Newport Beach!

I recently visited New York myself last week, and i have to say, I was quite glad to get back to the sunny but not humid weather of California. The week we were in NYC, it was humid to the nth degree, the kind that makes you feel like you can't get dry after a shower and makes your hair frizz up the second you leave the house (I'm speaking generally but suffice it to say, I mean it personally).

**as a sidenote, I'll be honest--I HATE HUMIDITY with a passion. it's one of the reasons i had to get the heck off the east coast as soon as i could!**

I imagine that Holly and Joe were looking forward to a typical bright and sunny afternoon for their shoot, and it did seem at times during the day that they might get one! However, by the time we shot, it was overcast, and looked much more like a day in the city than one in Newport Beach.

Oh well, the best laid plans!

I'll be honest though--an overcast day to me is a bit of a welcome sight. The even light, the darker skies--I like the mood of it. And with a gorgeous couple like Holly and Joe, the truth is that they would look beautiful in any light!

They said they wanted the wild, natural areas, so I wasted no time in having them tromp through the fields. You know, like a warm up :)


Black and white photos seem right on days like this:


This is one of my favorite locations to shoot, and I haven't been there in at least a year! It was nice to be back:


I even saw things a little differently than I ever had before--I LOVED shooting in this tall wheat grass. These are two of my faves:


Forehead kisses are the best, aren't they?


Everywhere I turned there was a spot better than the next:


I love this one:


And this one:


We had to break a rule or two to get this one (but it was worth it):


I love the way Holly's skirt moves in the wind just a little bit on the side--it completes this photo for me:


Even though we didn't get the sunny day we hoped for, I might even say we got something better :) Holly & Joe, can't wait for your wedding!!