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Judith and Mike were a couple who came to me early in their engagement, about a year and a half before their wedding. Needless to say, I have been excited for their big day for a VERY long time now!

I think that some of the elements that make up a great wedding are (in no particular order):

- a couple who is in love and excited to be getting married
- a group of vendors who are committed to making that day special and beautiful
- a beautiful location
- a fun and relaxed bride!

Since Judith and Mike had all four of these things going for them, I was not surprised one bit that their wedding was such a pleasure to be a part of. Their love and excitement were contagious, and their warm family and friends were so kind. As Judith's sister affectionally calls Judith "Sisna", I left feeling like an honorary Sisna that day with all of their sweetness!

Another great thing about this wedding is that Becker came along to shoot with me! You can click his name to see more images from this wedding soon.

When I first moved to California, I remember asking someone who the best florists in the area were. One name that kept coming up was Nisie from Enchanted Florist, and for good reason--she does an incredible job!


Judith was decked out in a beautiful Monique Lhuillier gown, but even more importantly, was surrounded with her best girlfriends all day:


A little "Louie" never hurt anyone:


Neither did some bling! I shot this with my brand new 100 2.8L Macro--that lens is sweet sauce! It's giving my 70-200 a run for it's money, being so small, light, fast, and sharp.


Nisie. I love you:


Yum yum yum:


My friend Beth says you can never have a bad day when you're wearing red shoes. I completely concur:


A few shots of some fun before the ceremony:


These two little flower girls are just darling!


I LOVE to get a shot of a bride arriving at the church in a limo, whenever I can!


Mike, looking smooth and happy right before the wedding:


Here we go!


A mistake? I prefer to think of it as a happy accident myself:


Normally I have to stay in the back of the church, and i would never dream of disturbing the ceremony. But the director of this church let me sit right by her during part of the ceremony to get a few shots where I could actually capture what was happening:


I'm so glad she did:


This custom veil made such a beautiful draping for the couple:


Yay! Just married!


Then it was back to the Newport Beach Hyatt for photos!


I just love their chemistry. Judith and Mike have been together for a long time, and they were so excited to finally be able to be husband and wife!


I just love when brides choose bright flowers!


Mike was looking great for his wedding day. I adore men in bow ties!


Judith--well, need I say more?!


Her veil was SO long! I thought it made for some beautiful photos though:


I saw this little spot and just HAD to shoot there!


They were total troopers. It's so awesome when I get to work with a couple that trusts me and is willing to go the extra mile (or at least a few extra steps into the dirt and grime) for the sake of their photos:


I'm pretty sure it paid off this time:


Actually, I'm positive:


Judith and Mike chose Michelle Weita of Details Details as their coordinator. Details Details is totally amazing--they bring a perfectly coordinated team to the wedding, but you never see them. You just know that the wedding is absolutely flawless. They should work for the CIA, they're so sneaky and stealthy!


Judith and Mike's first dance was a tango! It was so much fun:


But the BEST part of their reception was that the USC band came to play!! I've only lived in California for about five years, so I have no college affiliation or loyalty, but I will say, these guys were AWESOME! They are so energetic and fun, and it definitely helped that there were LOTS of SC fans at this wedding:


Judith and Mike among them, of course:


Although these photos don't do them justice, Elysium was there to video the day. They're fab.


These guys don't bring the party. They ARE the party:


A sweet toast, a sweet kiss:


One more sweet kiss:


A sweet life :)

Judith & Mike, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding! I hope you had an amazing honeymoon!!

Judith & Mikes Wedding:

Photographer: Jessica Claire
Event Coordinator: Details Details
Florist: Nisie's Enchanted
Videographer: Elysium
DJ: Peter Papadopoulos
Linens: Wildflour
Hair & Makeup: Joyce Luck
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Shoes: Kate Spade