Jeff and I have been talking about getting a dog since day one. We both grew up with dogs, and both just adore them! But we've been hesitant, because although they're cute, fun, and bring tons of joy, they also bring about a BIG change to your life! Although people say that being married is a huge change, I honestly think that bringing home a dog is even a bigger one, because it requires you to CONSTANTLY be in charge of another life.

Kind of like having a baby. Which, after this morning's 5:00am wakeup call, sounds less than appealing :)

In any case, we finally took the plunge after about 8 months of investigation, breed research, and multiple visits with both the puppies and older dogs of our chosen breed, which is the Old English Sheepdog.

So without further ado, meet our girl, Acey! She is just about twelve weeks old:


She is seriously the sweetest, most darling dog! She is already extremely friendly and playful, and thus far, not super high strung as I was expecting. She is perfectly adorable, and very expressive:


She comes from a litter of seven puppies, so she is probably a little lonely today, this being her first day on her own with only me for company! She seems to have chosen a spot to make her own. I can't say it's what I would have chosen, but hey, whose to judge?


She thanks you in advance for all the comments about how adorable she is :)