When I decided to ditch my website and combine it with my blog into a "Blogsite", I did that because I was sick of having both a site and a blog to keep up with. I found myself never able to update my website (or having time to do that), because I was spending my time posting my best new images to my blog! So while people were finding me through my website, they were seeing work that was sometimes YEARS old, which doesn't make a great first impression.

Now that I've lived with the blogsite for a while, I am still loving it, but I'm sensing that it's time to mix it up a little bit. My PRIMARY goal with this site is to make it a GREAT user experience for everyone who visits! So it would really help me to know:

WHO are you? WHAT are you looking for here? HOW would it be easier for you to find what you're looking for here? Any comments would be SO SO appreciated!

Also, a poll. Please do this poll :)

** you can choose more than one answer if more than one applies to you!**

Who the heck are you?!answers