Yesterday was mine & Jeff's six month anniversary! I'm not a fan of celebrating any kind of "versaries" other than the actual annual ones (with the possible exception of my half-birthday), but since getting married is such a huge deal and a big change in my life, I figured I might as well leave some remarks on this one :)

In the past six months, I have learned the following things about Jeff:

1. Jeff likes it when I cook food that reminds him of growing up. Since we had similar upbringings in a meal-consumption way, I find myself calling my mother constantly begging for recipes she made when I was a kid. I have done a decent job, but they're still never quite as good as when she makes them. Occasionally Jeff will cook too, and when he does he enjoys wearing one of my ruffly aprons. I have quite the apron collection from my showers!

2. How you grow up affects the way you deal with things SO much! Jeff and I have completely different styles with how we deal with things when we're mad, and we are both learning to respect one another even when it's hard. One really awesome thing is that Jeff has learned to bring me a present when he's done something I don't like. He has brought home a wide assortment of odds and ends. The most recent one is below, and he has good intentions...


(...yes, he knows this is hideous. he always makes me laugh!)

3. Jeff does not like when I wake him up early--he really enjoys his sleep! One time, I woke him up and told him it was 10:00am. He got up, dressed, and ready to go, and it wasn't until he came downstairs that he realized it was only 8:30 :) Personally, I think that this proves my point that he doesn't need as much sleep as he thinks he does--he was perfectly wide awake when he thought it was time to get up!

4. Jeff is the sweetest person I know and loves to cuddle. If he decides that it's time, he will glare at my phone, laptop, or anything else I am paying attention to until I put whatever it is down and oblige him.

5. Although Jeff grew up in a more traditionally decorated home, he has encouraged using lots of color in our decor! We currently have a bright red/orange living room wall, a black/white/yellow bedroom, a turquoise guest bed with a black wall, and of course, my green studio. I love that he likes modern furniture and designs! Ironically, Jeff is a SUPER traditionalist when it comes to holiday decor. At Christmas, he requested that the decor be red, silver, and peppered with stuffed Santa figurines. I'm not kidding. Next year, I get to pick the decorations :)

I have always thought that marriage would be hard. Everyone says it's hard, and I've obviously known many married couples in my life. I think that where I really lucked out is that I married a very very good person. Of all the people in the world that I could have married, choosing Jeff is without question the best decision I have ever made. So far, married life has been absolutely wonderful (almost) each and every day.

I love you sweetie!