The other thing that I can't wait to see is the dress! There are SO many choices out there for dresses, every shape, style, and color you can imagine. I think the coolest part of Kris Ann's dress is the awesome BOW she had! The material was light and breezy as well, and it suited her light and airy style perfectly:


As a florist and owner of Fleurtacious Designs, you know that the flowers were going to be really special! Normally all white bouquets have a similar look to them, but this one really stood out to me with those little yellow centers and ruffly petals! I think these are daffodils?


Kris Ann is just a beautiful, sweet presence! She has some sass to her, but is so good natured and kind to everyone around her. I love that her personality comes out even after just spending a few minutes with her, and it was such a pleasure to be able to spend the morning of her wedding with her! She was relaxed and calm as can be for the whole time:


Her matron of honor zipped her up, and she was ready to go!


A few soft portraits before heading to the first look:


Before we left, I had to stop in and see how JP was holding up. He was hanging with his best man, and so excited to get to the Canfield Casino (the wedding venue) to see Kris Ann and get the party started!

Finishing touches:


I did something that day that I almost NEVER do--I jumped into the limo with the boys! I'm glad I did because I was able to capture JP here with his wedding gift and pride & joy--his new watch! Apparently this watch is one of only a few in the world, the waiting list is something like three years long for it, and he was super excited to add it to his (very snazzy) outfit:


While we waited for Kris Ann to show up for the first look, I shot some portraits of JP. He was able to pull off GQ and stoic for a few...


but that all disappeared when he heard his bride coming to see him:


They make each other laugh. They are happy together.


I love how they treat each other kindly, and are always looking out for one another:


And they are always laughing:




What? You wanted more of Kris Ann? I can't blame you:


We have a shot like this from the engagement session, so it was only appropriate to have a matching one at the wedding!


Canfield Casino is definitely Saratoga Springs' most awesome spot for a wedding. It is so regal looking!


And of course the decor was off the hook!


Kris Ann's girls did an amazing job with the florals--just perfect for a wintery wedding scene:


Here's a close up:


A shot of the front:


And another close up--look at all those candles!


Kris Ann did a little hairpiece change before the ceremony, so I stole the chance to do a few portraits of the two of them right before the ceremony started:




Kris Ann's dad was so proud to walk her down the aisle--you can see it on his face! He has some trouble standing, but he escorted her like a pro with a beaming smile the whole way!


The ceremony was both traditional and personal:


And beautiful:


And emotional:


Finally Mr. & Mrs.!!!


Kind of a mistake, but I kind of love it anyway :)


The reception hall at Canfield is spectacular! Seriously:


You know that the details weren't going to be overlooked...


There were enormous white love seats all around the room creating a swanky bar feel with private booths:


It was festive:


And SO much fun!


SO much fun!


I just adored the simplicity and elegance of this cake! It was like a cloud--I wanted to just take a little nap right there on it!


Cake wasn't the only dessert--someone surprised them with a Ben & Jerry's station as a wedding gift!


JP and Kris Ann danced together all night. It was exciting, romantic, blissful, and PERFECT. They are just so well suited to one another, and I know that they will keep laughing and enjoying each other for the rest of their days. Thank you so much for allowing me the absolute honor of being part of it.


And a huge HUGE thanks to Kamee, who traveled with me, supported me, worked alongside me, and blew me away with her talent! I'm sure she'll be blogging images sooner or later, so head on over to her blog for more!


I don't care who you are or how long you've been a photographer, it ALWAYS feels a little different to shoot another photographers' wedding. It isn't that they have tougher expectations--they don't really because they know who is out there and hired YOU for a reason. It's more that you WANT to do the best job possible, even more than usual because they too have devoted their life to this same thing and it's important to them on a different level than most people.

When JP and Kris Ann came to me about two years ago and asked me to photograph their wedding in Saratoga Springs, New York, I was stoked, obviously! JP is a wedding photographer, second generation, and has been shooting since he was 11. He works with his dad, affectionately known as "big Joe", and their work is fab! You can check them out HERE. Kris Ann is a florist, and everyone knows that when you cross a photographer with a florist the wedding is going to be A-MA-ZING!

In the time between the booking and the actual wedding, I also go the opportunity to photograph them in Vegas! You can check out their session from the Neon Boneyard here: JP & Kris Ann's Engagement Session.

Anyway, their wedding was scheduled for early March, which, as most east coasters know can be a little sketchy weather-wise. I think that JP and I emailed each other weather forecasts for a good solid two to three weeks before the wedding, but when the day came, it was a perfect, bilssful (for upstate NY) 45 or 50 degrees and sunny! I bring the sunny with me when I travel, no charge :)

One of the things that i look for when I first walk into the getting ready room where the bride is are the shoes. I just love shoes, and many girls consider their wedding shoes to be extremely special and important. Here are Kris Ann's Jimmy Choo heels: