Believe me, it is not lost on me that at some point I need to stop posting a photo a day and pony up with the full posts, but hey--at least you're getting more blog, more often, right?!

I've been traveling so much lately that I'm so excited to have the next month with NO traveling at all--what a relief! That should give me the time I need to share everything that's been going on here in my world with you!

Yesterday I shot an engagement session right here in Orange County! I don't know what it is about this year, but I am just so excited to be shooting all the time and I really look forward to every shoot. I met this particular couple well over a year ago now, and their wedding is finally coming up in June. They have a great team of people on board for their wedding, and I just adore them. Here's a sneak preview of their shoot:


And in other news, it is FRIDAY! My brother is coming into town tomorrow to visit for a few days, and next week is going to be quite eventful in more ways than one. There will be some good times, some sad times, and some FUN TIMES--I can't say I'm looking forward to it all, but it promises to be an adventure and an exciting week :)