Whew, am I ever glad that WPPI is over! While in one sense, it is my absolute favorite week of the year, the smoke and general "ick" of Vegas seems to cling to me long after I return home. Also the laundry--let's just say it's almost unbearable :)

One thing that I do LOVE about WPPI though is that it is an incredible opportunity to meet and reconnect with so many of you! Even though I must have had hundreds of conversations, I know that there were also many people I didn't get to see or chat with, which makes me sad.

Another thing I love about WPPI is the chance to learn from so many amazing speakers, many of whom I consider friends. I only wish that there was MORE time to hear them and chat with them face to face, instead of being swallowed in a sea of people the second they step off the stage.

What I think really sets ESCALATE apart is the fact that the 7 speakers each represent a completely different aspect of the industry. Being able to learn what they have to offer all in one shot is really a unique experience. Plus, you can't beat the price!! It's SUPER inexpensive--only $179 for the first group that registers and $249 after that, and what you get is two FULL days packed with awesomeness.

Not to mention that the people speaking are freaking incredible (myself excepted, of course!):

Jerry Ghonis
Jasmine Star
Dane Sanders
Jeremy Cowart
David Jay

These things are the reasons why I am SO excited to announce ESCALATE, which will take place right here in Newport Beach on May 17-18!!



I'm so honored to be able to stand up with some of the people I respect most in this industry, and in front of the people who attend!

Even though each of our individual pieces are only that--a small part, we are hoping to create a WHOLE bigger than the sum of it's parts. The thing I absolutely am most excited for is being able to have connections and conversations during the time that I am not speaking, and as a bonus, in a smoke-free, less distracting environment!

Seriously, run, don't walk to get a ticket to this thing. It will be, in a word, EPIC!

And because you've made it this far, here's a shot of the amazing JP & Kris Ann Elario's wedding that I shot last week in Albany. More coming soon!


I hope to see you all at **ESCALATE 2010!!!!!**! Shout it out in the comments if you're with me!

**make sure to select Jessica Claire from the drop down menu when checking out!**