Yes, it's a photography convention, but aside from that, it's also where I have made SO many friends and connections over the years. I remember going when i was 19 or 20 and an associate for a studio back in North Carolina. I went for the classes and the tradeshow--I didn't know anyone to be able to get into any of the parties, so it was pretty much an all-learning, all the time trip for me.


In 2004, I met Becker, and subsequently received an invite to the Annual [ b ] party, which quickly became my favorite part of any WPPI! At the time it was held in a small hotel room, and would get busted an hour or two after starting. Still, good times.

This is me with my NC girls, Julie and Stephanie. We met Joe photo and we're each rocking a pair of his sunglasses (he has a HUGE collection):


As time went on, the parties got bigger and bigger, graduating to an L Suite at The Hotel! I think this was 2006, and the people in this photo are David Jay, me, Jules Bianchi, Shyla, Kristin Renee, Liana Banana, and Sara France. You can't tell, but Liana and I are both wearing sweatpants in this photo--we were SO exhausted!


The same year, me with Jaclyn, Jen Bebb, and Jen Dery:


Now that Becker is running his own school, the party has sized out of hotel rooms and graduated to a HUGE space to make more fun for everyone! This is so awesome because now you can go even if you don't know another soul going!

Because of this, it has also taken on a ridiculous expense, thus the ticket charge. But trust me, if there is ONE SINGLE THING not to miss this year, it is this party!

Just click on the poster below to sign in to hang with us:


I hope that you all sign up to go, and that it becomes YOUR favorite thing at WPPI as it is mine!


I will be giving away TWO FREE TICKETS TO THE B PARTY to someone who joins the SHOOTSAC FAN PAGE between now and MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!! Make sure to leave a comment on the wall or here in this post to let me know that you joined!!

See ya'll at the party!