I get asked this question all the time:

"How do you get into shooting Destination Weddings?"

My answer?

"You need a couple like Teresa and Preston."

Back in 2004, I was still living in North Carolina, had just started my own business, and was determined to make it. I got a call one day from a coordinator who told me about a client she had who was considering flying me to Cabo for her wedding! Needless to say, I was extremely excited, and jumped at the chance. This couple, Preston and Teresa, turned out to be the single most instrumental couple in my whole career.

After shooting the wedding in Cabo, Teresa immediately got onto The Knot destination chat board, which was very new at the time. I think she was one of the first brides to bring a photographer with her to her destination wedding, and when she posted the photos, the other girls on the board were really excited that such a thing would be an option!

That same day, I probably got 50 inquiries for destination weddings.

And that is how I became a destination wedding photographer :)

Now, that was six years ago, and a lot can change in six years. Moves from North Carolina to New York City, and to Connecticut. Teresa now has her own interior design business (you should check out her blog, The Stamford Wife--she's amazing.

More importantly though, Preston and Teresa have added a gorgeous, smart, adorable little boy to their family! On my trip to New York a few weeks ago, I was able to meet up with them to shoot a few photos of their family in the city and the parks of Manhattan. We had a blast, even with the freezing cold (now I'm a spoiled So. Cal girl).

We started off at a coffee shop, where I was introduced to the star of the show, Grayson:


What an adorable little monkey!


We decided to shoot inside for a bit, so we cruised over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where what Gray really wanted to do was ditch the stroller and walk around:


And fly. Of course he also wanted to fly:


I love this series of Preston helping to teach his son to work those stairs:


Seriously, he could not be any cuter:


But, alas, it was time to head outside:


Teresa, you are even more stylish than you were six years ago as a bride, which I didn't think was possible:


Bye bye!


Grayson loves to be up high!


And is very curious about what Mommy and Daddy are doing down there...


This little area of Central Park was so cute with its swings! While Jeff and I walked to the shoot, it was SO STINKIN' COLD, but bu the time we got back outside, the wind had died down and it was really nice out:


I hope that they will look back on these photos and love the feeling of them:


This was Grayson's first try in the swings! He was a bit dubious at first...


Not quite sure what was going on....


...But he LOVED it!


With mommy:


Seriously, he was begging for more! the kid might have a bit of a daredevil streak:


We decided to steal just a few more minutes outside, even though the cold was starting to return:


Only a few more months till they'll be running after this guy:


He is just so much fun!


The cold was starting to get to his little cheeks, but he didn't mind:


Off on his own:


Preston & Teresa, you have the most beautiful family! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your lives :)

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