Hello everyone! In an attempt to post more personal stuff on my blog, I am starting a new feature called Thursday Thoughts, where each Thursday I'll chat about recent happenings, things that I think are funny, personal stories and photos, and anything exciting that is going on in my world. I will also include some things that I approve of, and some things that have induced strong dislike on my part :)

Here we go!

This past weekend, a group of friends and I took our annual trip up to Big Bear. Basically we rent a big cabin and then spend the next three days skiing, snowboarding, being lazy, and just generally hanging around. This trip, the popular thing to do was to play Words With Friends on our iPhones. It is VERY similar to Scrabble but with a slightly different board and it also has a chat feature :) You might think that this is lame (and actually a certain contingent of our members did too), and I'll admit that there was more than one time when 9 of us sat in a room and played one another on this game. BUT, it is FUN! By the end of the trip, even the haters were on board. You should download this app--it's quite addictive!

At the end of the trip, it started snowing. I mean, REALLY snowing, to the point where there were near white-out conditions at some points. We decided after our cabin lost power and the forecast called for 2-4 feet of snow to make a run for it while we still could. I kind of wanted to be snowed in for a week, but with some of us having weddings this Saturday, we played it safe and headed back. Here's a quick little photo of the view as we left--you can see Candice running down the stairs like a pack mule--we left rather abruptly :):


Here's the view of the road as we made our way through town-Michael drove very carefully and we made it home safe and sound, in plenty of time for a little poker game:


I received some photos back from the lab that I shot for fun over Christmas vacation this week! I had forgotten that I shot these, so they were fun to see. Here's one of Jeff's dad reading the Christmas story to the kids on Christmas Eve, before opening gifts:


We gave Aly a princess tent, which made Jeff really happy too. I don't really like to play princesses as much as he does, so he and Aly are quite a good match in that respect:


Kids somehow know that Jeff is just one of them:


We also made a visit to my Dad and Ruth, and while we were there I convinced my step-sister Liana to drag her baby out in the snow so I could snap a few photos. Maya wasn't sure what to think of it at first:


Once she was with her mom though, she seemed to think it was fun!


In other news, I reached 10,000 twitter followers today!


My goal is to increase that to 25000 over the next 2 years, so if you don't follow my Twitter yet, you can find it here: http://www.twitter.com/jessicaclaire.

Here's what else is on my mind:

-I need to take down the remainder of my Christmas decorations. I was trying to pass them off as "winter", but it's time for them to go, seriously.
-I'm annoyed at all the drama over the PDN "Influential" list. I do not think I deserve to be on it, but I am sad about all the nastiness it seemed to bring forward
-I went to the Utterly Engaged party last night, even though I swore off networking parties over the past few years and it was so FUN!
-A new PINK POLKA DOT cover is being launched in the Shootsacâ„¢ Newsletter tomorrow! If you want to receive it and snag a new cover, **click here**
-I love s'mores. So much.
-Cyndie Norwood always beats me at Words With Friends. She is scary good at it.
-Jeff is awesome
-Every Thursday at 4pm PST you should make it a point to chat live with Becker and the guest of the week. This week is Jasmine Star! Go here and chat with them: the b school live chat

That's it for now, Happy Thursday! I'd love to see people leave a comment with one random thing that's happened to them this week, or a suggestion of something I should try this coming week for review next week :)