It's been sunny every single day for the past several months in Orange County. So when Cortnie of I Love Lollipops, the spectacular event design and coordination team that conceptualized and styled my most recent workshop told me ten days in advance that it might rain that day, my reaction was, "Come on Cortnie, they can't predict the weather"!


For ONCE, they actually did predict the weather correctly, because the morning of my workshop, for the first time in weeks, possibly MONTHS, it rained. And rained. And rained. Our gorgeous location--CLOSED. Our backup location: A mudslide. So off we went to backup location #3 (bet you're impressed that there was one), with the Lolliladies handling every bump in the road like absolute angels sent from heaven.

And the workshop was a raging success.

Here's a little sneak peek--more to come next week both here and on Style Me Pretty!

The gorgeous Troy and Aimee Grover were the models, along with beautiful bridesmaid Lindye Galloway (not pictured here)


The Lolliladies are. so. completely. amazing. I love them. Seriously:


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