Actually, one cool thing and one COLD thing!

The cool thing is that my good friend Doug over at Totally Rad Actions has come up with his latest beauty--Lightroom Presets! He showed me a demo the other day and I was absolutely SHOCKED at how amazing they are. He must be some sort of crazy genius to be able to make something that can turn your photos into works of gorgeousness that easily. I'm not surprised though, because the actions have completely revolutionized the way I process my photos--I can't imagine my photo world without them! To snag the Lightroom Presets or the Totally Rad Actions, click the banner below:

Also, just to be clear, I do receive an affiliate commission when someone buys the actions after seeing them on this blog. That is not why I endorse them--there are lots of companies out there offering such commissions that I would never promote. I promote them because I LOVE the way they make my photos look, and that's all. I have a similar program available if you are interested in promoting SHOOTSACâ„¢ Lens Bags or HIpslips because you love them and they has changed your life and the way you shoot. If you're interested, email me here:

As for something cold, here's another little ditty from the snowy shoot last week (more coming very soon, I promise!!) This cake is by Melody with My Sweet And Saucy and the shoot itself was styled by Jesi Haack!


I used the Totally Rad Actions on this photo, Yin/Yang, and Pool Party at 30%!