Happy Thursday everyone! A place where I will recap the events of the past week. However considering I only blog a few times a week, I may relegate Thursday thoughts to the last Thursday of the month henceforth to avoid what happened last week where I didn't do any posts in between Thursdays. That was utterly shameful. SHAME!

Okay, enough shame. I'll start with what's happening today.

You might notice that I never post videos here--I do not like the way I look in videos! However, I will be chatting LIVE today with Becker on The B School Study hall--you can go over there, log in with your twitter name and ask us questions! Here's the skinny:

Time: 4pm PST TODAY (thursday)
Place: B School Study Hall

Don't let me show up there and have nobody to chat with --that would be awkward!

This has been a very interesting week on a few fronts. It's been an up and down week, with lots of highs and lows. It's easy to blog "Thursday Thoughts" on weeks when everything is great, but it's a little bit harder on weeks that take more of a downturn. I could write here all about how everything is pretty and sparkly, but everything isn't all the time, so this is what you get this week :)

I think everyone has those times where things just don't seem to be going our way--it can be big things or little, but it really just amounts to feeling like you're running up against a brick wall. Normally, I would chalk this up to other people being jerks, but sometimes you just have to face the truth--sometimes it is your own fault.

Once you realize this, you have two choices:

1. Pretend that it is somebody else's fault and keep on doing the things that aren't working, or
2. Take responsibility even though it feels like a punch in the face and change your actions to avoid future painful situations

I chose "2" this time. I've been slinking around with my tail between my legs ever since, knowing that my own actions have caused a disruption in my life. I know it was the right decision because I felt better almost immediately and also because I started to see a change almost immediately. Also because I didn't feel a desperate urge to run out and consume as many cupcakes as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

And because this part of my week was such a bummer, here are a couple of photos from a shoot that make me happy:


As the week progressed, it did improve! My brother & sister-in-law, Michael and Cyndie have gotten really into cooking and made us the most delicious meal last week along with some of our closest friends. The only thing better than knowing how to cook that way yourself is knowing other people who love to cook that way and are willing to let us be guinea pigs. They could probably serve guinea pig and it would be delicious (I know ya'll are adventurous, but please don't!).

The Grammy's: Don't care. Except how did Taylor Swift win for album of the year?! I think she's so pretty, and a good singer, and a talented writer especially for her age, but album of the year? Really?

Favorite new website: WWW.WHERESTHEDOUCHE.COM. Absolutely hilarious, and I love that submissions are requested. One girl sent in a pic of her stepdad--I'm just waiting for someone to send in photos of someone that I actually know!

One of the things that Jeff and I love to do with friends is play games! A few times this past week we had dinner with friends and then played games until our eyes hurt. My new favorite game is Rummikub--it requires just enough brainpower to make it interesting but not enough to make me want to throw the tiles off the table. It's a fine line!

My favorite thing that I did this past week was a shoot up in the snow. This shoot will be featured on SMP next week so I can't post it just yet, but I will share one of my favorite photos. Special thanks to Jesi Haack for pulling a fab team together for this shoot, which I will tell you all about in a full post. For now, here is a shot I love:


Thought of the week--what is the best color combination for a spring/summer wedding?