A wedding before my 50 1.2, 5d, and trusty Totally Rad Actions (what did I ever do without them???)

Wow, it's crazy how many of you remember Preston and Teresa from the Knot chat boards back in 2004! Due to a quite overwhelming response, I have decided to dig through the archives and rustle up a few of their wedding photos.

I shot this wedding in Cabo San Lucas in 2004 at the Marquis Los Cabos-an absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous location. It was brand new back then, and this may have even been the first wedding there. Becker shot this wedding with me and some of the photos below might be his--there's no way for me to go back and tell at this point!

Anyway, enjoy!

Preston and Teresa, six years ago:


The ceremony contained Jewish and Spanish elements to pay tribute to both their cultures:


The breaking of the glass:


First kiss:


This is one of my favorite shots ever. I think that the coming back down the aisle photos are some of my favorites of the day more often than not!


Some beachy portraits:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! What a gem--I had totally forgotten about it, but the colors are so refreshing:


Teresa may or may not have been a backup dancer for Prince at one point--that is a rumor I cannot confirm or deny:


We did a day after session--it was the first one I ever did. I have no idea if anyone else was doing these back then, this was before blogs and forums were really popular, so I thought I was being terribly daring. Here's one that Becker shot of me shooting:


And the resulting image:


Looking at these photos, while I have always and still do love them, I can't believe how far I've come both personally and professionally. It's hard to see those differences day to day, but looking through this wedding brings 2004 back to me like it was yesterday. I wasn't even living in California yet!

Crazy. Happy Hump Day!