The Life is But a Dream post revisited!

** PHOTOGRAPHER NOTES: for those who are curious, these are ALL shot on the contax 645 AF--i chose not to post any of my digital photos in this post, although the sneak peek ones in the link above were shot on my 5d i decided to experiment and try something new since i was only shooting for fun! i had a nervous week or two while i waited for these to come back because i couldn't see them immediately and had NO idea what i'd be getting. i'm super pleased with the results. **

I LOVE being a wedding photographer and shooting weddings. When I book a new wedding, I get so excited at the thought of what I'm going to be getting to shoot, and being at a wedding is like getting to discover tiny treasures all over the place! When I look through the photos after I come home, I like to take my time, sifting through them for the diamonds, the shining moments that a couple is going to treasure, and show their children. When I select images to blog, or for albums, I think of grandchildren 60 years from now looking at the photos and thinking "things were just so beautiful back then"

During the winter months, there are fewer weddings to shoot, especially in California. It's just SO nice here during the rest of the year, that more often than not, people pick spring, summer, or fall months to get married. I like to stay inspired and occupied, so I emailed Kate Holt of Flower Wild and asked her if I could shoot something for her. My only requirements were that it be original, beautiful, and something she would LOVE to see and have photographed! Kate brought her friend Rebecca of Duet Weddings on board, and this shoot was born!

The couple is a real couple, Anneka & Patrick, who were SO wonderful to work with. Also, this dress is so small that Anneka is probably the only person on the planet who could fit into it. It fit her like a glove!

Here are my faves from the day:

The dress. OH, THIS DRESS! I die every time I see this. The dress if from a great store called Unique Vintage where you can rent or buy dresses!

vintage wedding gown, vintage wedding dress, beautifully detailed wedding dress

One of the two bouquets that Kate painstakingly put together. I love how the flowers mirror the little flowers on the dress, and I always adore a little sparkly brooch on a bouquet!


Lots of details :) Normally I don't really LOVE white bouquets because I like color that pops, but this one was oh-so-perfect:


At the bottom here you'll see a little yellow bouquet that Kate also made. Look at the beautiful vintage mug on the right--so cool!


This is Anneka. She is such a beautiful bride!!


A peek at the table setup from inside the amazing house where we shot. This courtyard was a ideal place for this little setup:


I would love a brunch, baby shower, or intimate wedding to look like this! Maybe I will do this the next time one of my girlfriends has a baby, or maybe even for my own birthday :)


The florals were jaw-dropping. Eclectic and whimsical, my favorite combination:


Putting arrangements in different kinds of vessels adds a nice twist to a table:


Sugared cherries--delish!


Some crystal balls and juicy pomegranates completed the look:



These paper heart cutouts were so darling!! Any cute paper would make these easy and inexpensive to add to a few chairs at your reception:


Anneka looking stunning in that glorious dress!


*sigh* I love this one:


Straight out of camera, zero retouching. I guess this is why people love film:


Patrick--our resident British rock star/groom:


This lapel flower was co-designed by Kate and I :)


At first I was a little bummed that we didn't have sun, but I think it adds to the shoot after all:


I couldn't love this more--I know because I've tried--I'm at capacity:


This house was SO glorious. The courtyards, the doorways, the lush flowers--I would love to live somewhere like this:


The backyard has some lemon trees--they are so fairy-tale looking!




This one makes me happy for no particular reason:


So does this one:


Kate thought that we should bring this sofa outside, and yes...I do think it worked :)


My two faves of Anneka:


DESSERTS!! Kate had Joy the Baker whip up some pies and tarts for us to use! They were DELICIOUS--especially the pie. Yummmmy--I could barely wait to eat it till the shoot was over!


This one feels like a cross between Eve and Alice in Wonderland:


Life is but a dream...


We decided to play with these little paper hearts--I could see these being used in other colors OFTEN!


The headpiece was also rented from Unique Vintage


Just some eye-candy:


Another one of my faves:




We actually borrowed a second dress as well. When I first saw it I declared it "bad 60's prom"--it was not nice on the hanger. But when I suggested that Anneka try it on at the end of the shoot, I just HAD to shoot her in it!



I do love the mood of these:


And this:


And this:


A few fun details of Anneka's pink dress:


I wanted to shoot inside a bit at the end--I'm so glad we did!


Some black and white, just for the fun of it!


There's something so classic about these:


I'll leave you with two photos of Anneka that I go back to over and over again. They have that certain something...


Kate, Rebecca, Anneka, Patrick...thank you SO much for doing this with me!

Be sure to check out the Green Wedding Shoes feature on this shoot with Kate's comments on how she styled the flowers, tables, and bride!