I met Jill when I was in Mexico for the Jose Villa Workshop--you can **click here** for the post. Every now and then I'll be talking to a newer photographer and I will just see it--that certain something in their work where I just KNOW that they're going to be amazing and make a HUGE splash!

Well at the time, Jill didn't have a ton to show me as she was in the process of getting her new blog and site designed and putting together her branding, but still, even though she had little to show, I could tell that she had a fully formed idea of what she wanted her brand to be. And I got it. And I LOVED it!

So I suggested that when we got back from Mexico, we put together a great shoot that would really capture the feel of her brand--retro, film, orange, offbeat, and cool!

Jill has finally launched her new blog, so I can finally share these! You can see her site here: Jill's blog. Congrats Jill, and I hope you love these!!

I can never resist shooting getting ready, even when it's not a wedding!


I LOVED the colors in this vintage VW Bus! I think Jill might have to pick one of these up sometime soon...


This color--yum!


Jill swears she doesn't photograph well, but I beg to differ:


A little collage of yumminess:


I love this portrait! It just seems so fresh and clean looking:


Jill brought in literally HUNDREDS of oranges for this shoot! We didn't harm them, and Jill was actually able to return them to their rightful owner!


More deliciousness--why am I loving film so much?! Oh yeah, because these are all straight out of camera, no photoshop whatsoever.


One last shot of Jill. This shot to me is perfect:


I also shot a bunch of photos on the Instax, just for fun, but I LOVE them! Check it out:


Happy Monday! I'll be getting ready for the first JC/OC Workshop of 2010 that will be happing on Wednesday and I can't WAIT to show you that one! I have a feeling it's going to be awesome.

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