I shot the CUTEST, most fun portrait session yesterday of San Diego wedding photographer Jill Thomas. I am not going to link to Jill's site today because she is about to launch her new blog and brand, which is why we shot these photos! She is almost ready to go, so once she launches, I'll post the full shoot for you to see!

The idea behind the shoot and behind Jill's brand was two concepts: 1. the 70's and 2. ORANGE! These two elements are what Jill is gearing her brand around, so I suggested she rent a VW bus and get a busload of oranges to go with it so we could bring both ideas together. I have to say, I LOVE IT!! I can't wait till Jill's blog launches, because I absolutely cannot wait to share more of these with you!

*the rounded corners are for Jill--the rounded corner action was sent to me by Will Duris. Will's got several production actions available and they are inexpensive ($5 or $10 each!!), and super cool. Check them out!


This is Jill. She should have been born in the 70's :)


More soon!