I've been a digital shooter all along. I had a D30, a D60, 10d, 20d, and finally, 5d.

But I did something kind of kooky early this year.

I bought a film camera.

A Contax 645.

I didn't buy it with the intention of ever shooting anything amazing--I'm not kidding when I tell you that I didn't even know how to use it on most of the jobs I've brought it on! It was always an experiment, a fun little game of, "what will I get if I do this?"

But it's fun!

I brought it to the cutest little re-wedding you'll ever see at the most unique chapel you'll ever see back in June (which I still need to blog):


The inside of the chapel--it is seriously crazy!


It was there when I photographed Nixon Sikes after his birth:


It was there with me at Kristen & Nick's wedding (also still need to blog):




The interior of Nick's car, isn't it awesome??



But it wasn't until I brought it to Mexico last month that I really started to love it. I walked around town to shoot some art stuff:



My personal favorite:


I shot the couple with it also--hey, why not!!


I do love what this camera does with the green colors:


Yum yum yum yum:


Love love love love:


I actually shot this last series of photos that happened ONLY in film. It absolutely KILLED me to not see these the same day I shot them, because I knew they were going to be so fun and interesting:


So full of energy:


So full of life:


I'm still not sure what the point of this experiment was. Maybe it's just to try something new, maybe it was to keep myself fresh and interested, but either way, I can't wait to start shooting more film for my personal jobs!

All in all, I have to say, although I do not think that film is better than digital (the photos are more grainy, it's easy for spots to show in processing, etc), it does have it's own specific look to it. There's something about the photos that makes them look deep and rich, and substantial. And...I think I like it!

I shot six rolls on the VW Bus shoot the other day, and I am practically chomping at the bit to get them back.

I'm so impatient!

Happy Monday!