I met Stacey a couple of months ago when she did the makeup for one of my brides for her engagement shoot. I loved her work and had her do my makeup for a shoot I was having done of myself some time later. She was absolutely amazing--I must say, I had never looked better :) She works out of Orange County but travels anywhere: **Stacey's Spa Site**

Throughout the day that she worked on my face, I discovered that she had two daughters, which surprised me because she was so young and beautiful! She proudly showed me photos of her girls, and told me their names: Avalon and Savvy. I was struck by the creativity of the girls' names, I love when people give their kids more unusual names that are still beautiful and easy to pronounce and spell :)

When they showed up the other day, I saw a poof of blue feathers inside their car, and I was hooked! I knew immediately that these girls were like their names--creative, whimsical, and unique.

By the way, you may notice that this set of photos is processed a bit differently from my usual--I wanted them to have more of a whimsical, almost fantasy looking feel to them, so I'm experimenting!

Here they are, Savvy (age 7), Avalon (age 12), and Stacey (ageless in every way).


First I want to talk about Savvy. Savvy has IDEAS! She suggested different kinds of photos we could make, and I knew right away that there was no standing in her way. She's a ball of energy and personality, and I wanted to just soak it up and bring it home with me. At seven years old, she's old enough to have a say in things but is still a child--unspoiled, energetic, and kind.

This is Savvy:


There's no keeping her still, she is always in motion:


She is always laughing!


This is Avalon:


12 is a funny age--there is such a wide range of the kind of 12 a person can be. Avalon struck me as older and wiser than I remember 12 being, but she managed to be this way without any trace of "too cool for school" or snobbishness which can happen at that age. I really wanted to go back and find a photos of myself at 12, because I looked NOTHING like the kind of sophistication she pulls off effortlessly:


At 12 though, Avalon still has a sweetness to her--not in a childlike way so much anymore, but in the sense that there is still so much to come for her. I wanted to tell her to remember who she is today, to keep that sweetness as long as possible, but when you're 12, that just sounds like old lady blah blah blah :):


This is Stacey. Stacey manages to balance all that she has going on in her life with an effortless grace. She is kind, thoughtful, and interesting! Not only does she run a super successful business, but she is such a good mom AND friend to her girls. Plus, she's drop dead gorgeous:


Like Avalon, she is sweet all the way through, and like Savvy, she has an energy and vibrance that can't be diminished:


Seriously. I mean, I know she does makeup for a living, but this just isn't fair:


I love to watch relationships of all kinds. Seeing Stacy with her daughters made me wish in a way that I'd gotten married younger, had a family young, and could enjoy them now while I'm still young. My life didn't take that path, but I would like to think that if it had, I would have been able to handle it with as much grace as Stacy has. You can see the closeness between them--it wasn't hard to make these photos:



One of Savvy's ideas featuring, what else, herself in center stage :) :


It was a perfect time of day, and I love the glam outfits contrasted with the rustic landscape:


This is my hands down fave of the day--I love everything about it:


It was a close race with this one:


I just want to look at this photo, and look at it again:


A few more of Avalon--she was kind of easy to shoot :)


These next two were super fun to make:



This was happening before I knew what was going on!




I hope that Stacey can look at these photos as Avalon heads into her teen years and hold on to this moment. That time between child and adult is so fleeting, so rare, I wouldn't have been surprised if this was the one day we had to capture these:


Two more that I love:



And of course, some glowy portraits to finish up:




Stacey, thank you so much for sharing your girls with me. And anyone out there who needs a makeup artist or aesthetician, you should get in touch with Stacey ASAP--she's amazing!! **Contact Stacey on her site!**