When superstar wedding coordinator (my wedding coordinator) Angel Swanson of Love and Splendor asked me if I would be able to do holiday photos of her and her husband Erik, I was flattered, and a little nervous. Angel & Erik have been shot by some of the best: Amelia, Jasmine, and Nate & Jaclyn (twice). So I had an impressive roster of photographers to live up to.

We settled on the shoot being here in Orange County yesterday, and since it is getting dark so early these days, we would have limited time to shoot. Meaning, we'd only have an hour and a half or so, in which I would create these beautiful, Anthropologie-style photos that they would treasure and have from this year.

But, as fate would have it, there was a terrible accident, which caused Angel & Erik to be trapped in their car on the way down here for well over two hours. When they arrived, we scrapped the original location and headed to the hills of my neighborhood, Ladera Ranch, chasing the sun as it slipped behind the horizon. I knew that we had limited time to shoot, so we worked FAST!!

This shot was taken at 4:38pm:


And this last shot was taken at 4:52pm, 14 minutes later:


Here is what happened in between.

It was a rush of laughing, walking, and kissing :)


With a little sweetness:


And a little silliness:


And a bow:


And a favorite:


Not to mention some beauty:


A lovely moment:


Don't forget kindness:


And it wouldn't be fun without a little attitude:


Some teasing:


A dash of looking really really good:


At the end...relaxation:


And holiday cheer:


Angel and Erik--thank you for the most lovely 14 minute shoot. I'd say it looks like we shot for at least 30 minutes!

Anyone want to try to beat their record? :)