In my family, Thanksgiving is the big holiday. It's the one we all go home for, and is my favorite holiday. There's no pressure, no huge gift-giving expenses, and usually relatively little drama.

Now that I'm married though, we decide what we're doing for the holidays together, and this year, having just had our wedding and honeymoon, we decided not to travel for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So this year, we opted to stay here in California for Thanksgiving and make a go of it ourselves!

Fun fact about Jeff and I: We LOVE to have people over and to throw parties of all kinds. We picked this house based on its large downstairs living space, which was hard to find because usually houses with big downstairs areas have lots of bedrooms which we really don't need. This house has my gallery space instead of bedrooms, which is just fine by us.

In any case, we decided to try our hand at throwing a little pre-thanksgiving feast for some friends! Of course this meant that I needed to figure something out for decorations, which just isn't my strong suit. I try hard to make things look cute, but I never really know what to do. Thanks to hours searching Etsy, however, I was able to make a cute little spread here at home!



Buying the hanging poms off Etsy was SUCH a good decision! I knew from Candice & Chenin that making these things is a huge PITA, and since I spent all last week in Mexico, I wasn't going to have time to take on a project like that. I got poms from two Etsy shops, this one and this one. They came flat and all I had to do was unfurl the layers--piece of cake!


The theme of this room is navy and orange anyway, so a few little pumpkins made it look festive:


I did not do much with Jeff's "man room", but look how cute it is coming out! I'm still working on it, but I do think it looks cool so far:


Here are more of the poms at the entrance to the living room. This is my favorite room because I love the nice light that comes in! That, and the worlds' largest sofa, which is perfect for entertaining but is kind of hilarious when it's just Jeff and I:


Speaking of Jeff, he got a chance to kick up and watch a little football earlier in the day:


Isn't he cute? Sorry, you can't find these on Etsy:


I got these really cute pumpkins at the store called Tiger pumpkins--that's what that odd one on the left is. The white one is actually a knitted pumpkin from Etsy seller Willow Creek Sparrow. The yellow pillow is, of course, from Anthropologie:


I love how our mantel is looking except for two things:

1. The frames are cute but blank because I am awful about framing our personal photos and
2. I bought all new stuff today to decorate for Christmas. So this is all relocating to another room for the holiday season:


Those silver pumpkins are from Home Goods.

This cute little banner is from, where else, Etsy also! You can find it here: Elle Esse Designs:


When I decided to host Thanksgiving, I had NO clue what to decorate with. Jasmine said, "Just get a Cornucopia and you're good to go!" I looked at her like she was nuts, but decided to do one anyway. Of course I had no clue what actually goes in one, so mine is an assortment of fake leaves, gourds, crabapples, and persimmon. And some weird pumpkin-like green thing that you can see off to the right there:


Jeff and I made the Turkeys (3 15lb Turkeys!!!) and gravy, and everyone else brought side dishes. Everything was AMAZING, I can't single out a favorite, but Chenin's homemade pies were pretty insane.


Of course, like all get-togethers here in Ladera, the evening ended with some gambling. In this case, a rousing game of tournament style Jenga for cash. This photo was shot by Tony (thanks tony!):


In any case, I was thrilled with how the whole party came out! In fact, it felt so much like Thanksgiving that I started my Christmas shopping today. I think I am single-handedly keeping Target and Home Goods in business.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my place!

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