Isn't it easy to get wrapped up in your life? This year, I'll admit, between being engaged and married, moving, and a bunch of other pretty life-changing stuff, I did not prioritize posting on this blog, even though blogging is one of my favorite things to do! I've been thinking a lot about where to go from here with my blogging, and in doing so, think it is time to shake it up a little bit.

I was reading this one blog yesterday, a blog I read fairly frequently called Becoming Sarah. I don't know Sarah and have never met her--I know about her blog because she leaves comments here once in awhile, and when I read comments I often click on the commenters' website to see who they are. I do this often, so if you have ever left a comment here, chances are I've been to your site as well.

Anyway, when I went to Sarah's site that first time, I was absolutely struck by how honestly she wrote about herself, her life, and just everyday things that were happening to her. She wasn't vulgar but she threw out a cuss word every now and again. She wasn't depressed, but she wasn't afraid to tell people that things weren't perfect every day. She says boobies and has talked about her breast feeding more times than I can count, and although I'm not in that place in my life, I love reading about her journey! I could not believe that she was so willing to share who she was with the internet that way because THEY MIGHT JUDGE HER!! And if they did, she would be forced to run to the bathroom and eat her lunch in the stall by herself, which would be the ultimate humiliation. How can she possibly post about her real self like that knowing that this will be the consequence?!

I love reading Sarah's blog and I feel the same way about Dooce who actually lost her job because of her blog and writes heartbreakingly beautiful letters to her daughters monthly. And when I read the blog of MckMama I am sitting with her in a hospital waiting room, waiting to hear the news about her son Stellan.

I want people to be able to come here and travel this journey with me, and while that might mean more critique, I say to you nasty, cave dwelling, internet hacking smiters, BRING IT! I have the power to delete you at my will and I will exercise that right to the fullest extent possible. It is the only exercise I might do that day, so I appreciate it . :)

And because posts with no photos are boring, here are a couple of shots from Braedon & Lindsay'smaternity shoot earlier this year which was so amazing and yet not blogged: