What is the proper beginning to a love story? Is it traditional dates with roses and candy? Is it a setup through friends of friends? Lisa and Shaun might tell you it's going to Jamaica on spring break in college, recognizing an electric connection in someone you meet randomly, and five years, several moves, long distance dating, and two dogs later becoming engaged to the love of your life.

it's not typical, but then again, neither are Lisa & Shaun.

Lisa is dynamic, petite (4'10" and that's taller than some members of her family!), quick witted, stylish, and kind. Shaun is intelligent, tall (over 6 feet), easygoing, friendly, chivalrous, and so incredibly sweet to Lisa.

I hadn't met Shaun before I arrived at their house in San Antonio at 9am this morning, but he immediately welcomed me with a hug and a warm "come on in!". I liked him immediately.

Lisa and Shaun are people of very varied interests, so we decided to incorporate a few of them into their shoot. Two of their interests are their dogs, Dexter (the big one) and Pixie (the small one). The dogs are just like them--one big one and one small one :)

Dexter was quite rambunctious, so as I do with children at family shoots, I decided it would be good to let him run around to blow off a little steam:


A little family photo:


Shaun and Lisa have such an easy rapport with one another. They were very natural and even if they felt a little awkward, they were so comfortable together that it was easy for them to show their personalities:


I love the bottom photo because both dogs are looking at me but neither of the people are:


We were actually scheduled to shoot the evening of the previous day, but the forecast called for rain. Lisa and I decided to postpone the shoot to the following morning, and of course there was no rain on the original afternoon and a nasty forecast for our new morning! When I woke up, it was hideous out--cold, rainy and windy, but it cleared right up and became a perfect day!


I saw this field on the way from Jeff's parents home (they live in San Antonio--very convenient!!) to Lisa & Shaun's house and just HAD to shoot there:



California light? Please! Texas is where it's at!


It can't hurt to have a few cacti in the photos (actually it can--I STILL have a few needles in my jeans!)


Well worth it, thought:


I love this one:


Lisa told me that they have a frame that says, "Home" and wanted an image to suit. I think these two would work very well:


Especially this one:


We headed down to the riverwalk so they could show their more fun side:


I just had to poke a little fun at the height difference:


Lisa mentioned to me while we were at the house that she had gotten into smoking cigars! We happened to be near a cigar shop, so we stopped in so they could snag a couple--it made for great photo ops:


These two are my faves of the day:



We really wanted to shoot some colorful things and we did!!


love the colors in this one:


and the attitudes in this one:


And the feel of this one:


Lisa & Shaun, thank you for letting me into your lives today! I had an amazing time with you and can't wait to be a part of your wedding next year!