Before the wedding, I asked my photo friends who were attending the wedding to come and enjoy the day as guests. One of my closest friends, Becker, isn't much of a rule follower, so he snagged a few shots throughout the day. You should head over to his blog to look at them! I love the shots he got, especially the ones of me and Jeff below.


I am being interviewed by Becker today at 4pm PST, so make sure to head on over to THE CHATROOM today to ask me any questions you want LIVE! Also, if you are a photographer and haven't joined The B School yet, better get on it--you're missing lots! Now that the wedding is over, I'll be posting there much more often.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I can't even express to you in words how much I love my photos from Jose Villa! They perfectly capture the wedding so well, and looking at them makes me happy!

One of the most frequently asked questions about the wedding has been "How are you going to pick a photographer?? Won't that be hard??" The truth is, Jose was the very first person we picked once we knew what kind of wedding we'd be having (and honestly, even before). Another question has been, "Why did you choose a film photographer? Does that mean that you think film is better" The answer to that is I didn't choose a film photographer. I chose JOSE because JOSE has the eye I want capturing my wedding, not because film is better. Jose could have shot my wedding with a box of cornflakes for all I care if he could make images this beautiful.

What I love about Jose's work is that it has a definitive point of view--I knew what I was going to get. I wanted photos that were stunning, soft, pretty, clean, natural, and breathtaking, all of which I received. He's just the best! I am sure that he felt some pressure going into this wedding, but personally, I was not nervous at all because I hired him to do the specific thing he is best at and most enjoys.

Today I want to showcase the rest of the wedding, in particular the location, the flowers, and the details (mixed in with my favorite moments).

The location is none other than the magnificent 3 Stones Vineyard. I have never worked with sweeter, kinder, and more eager to please people than Briana and Brian, the owners. They worked SO hard to make their property perfect for the wedding, even mowing out specific pieces for our events, giving us free reign to have the different parts of the wedding where we wanted, and going WAY above the call of duty to help us out all the way through the process. Here is a shot of Briana and Brian:


Because the property is so wild and beautiful, I knew that we needed a very very special florist to work with it and make it look both lush and stunning without being cliche and wedding-y. We hit the jackpot by hiring Gilly Flowers. Neil and Sharon from Gilly worked SO SO hard to bring our vision to life. They also tipped right over amazing into spectacular by coming up with their own touches (such as the jeweled bugs in the arrangements) for the knockout. Check out some of my favorite shots of what they did:


I was also in love with my bouquet--all the way around. I love the nubbly yarn wrapping, the vintage stick pin "J", the mix and colors of the flowers in the bouquet...just everything!!


One thing that I particularly loved was this antique file cabinet--what they did with it was incredible:


My favorite part of the wedding day was the ceremony. Not just the decor (although it was amazing), but having everyone we are close to there with us (mostly), looking out at everyone and seeing our family and friends...all amazing. We chose not to do a first look, as Jeff is more traditional and not used to weddings every weekend like me! I told him that "that moment" when you see each other isn't usually that great, that it's hard to concentrate with everyone around, but I was COMPLETELY wrong. I got to the back of that aisle with my dad, and Jeff was crying--it was so so cute! Neither of us expected that, and it almost made me lose it myself. Jeff's dad, Kim, is an Army Chaplain and he performed the ceremony--it was absolutely perfect. here are some of my favorite shots from that part of the day:

These chairs and sashes were the perfect pieces to look natural in this landscape. All of our rentals came from either Classic or Town & Country.

The sashes (along with all the table linens and napkins) were custom and done by Sin Dee Custom Sewing--they were amazing.


The wooden chairs were mixed in with pieces of vintage furniture that mostly came from an estate where they were handpicked for the wedding. Gilly Flowers outdid themselves creating an outdoor chapel with the stained glass pieces, which had custom brackets built for them to be free standing. I LOVE SO MUCH the heavy flowers adorning the tops. This yellow one was off to the side next to the ceremony, but they were randomly (but not so randomly) placed around the whole ceremony area:


The piece at the front of the ceremony was one I could look at over and over again--the shape of the window, the colors of the leaves--amazing. Fun fact--I did not want to see the ceremony OR reception setup before they were completely done on the wedding day--I wanted to be surprised! So we did the rehearsal at the hotel where everyone stayed, and I didn't go up the hill to see all this stuff till right before the ceremony :) Kabrel supervised the initial setup, Angel made sure every piece was set perfectly into place, and Gilly's team worked tirelessly and genius-ly to make every single piece stand out. It was so amazing.

Also, each teal sash had a vintage brooch embedded in the silk so that everyone would have a little something cool to look at while waiting for the ceremony to begin:


Locks and keys were a running theme through our wedding, and Neil set up an abandoned wooden fence behind the last row of chairs, which Angel & Kabrel hung vintage padlocks on!


The ceremony itself could not have been more idyllic. The weather, the mood, it was all perfection. Here are my two flower girls walking down the aisle with my ring bearer. We were a bit nervous that the ring bearer might not cooperate, but the real drama is that one of the flower girls started crying because she didn't want to hold hands with a boy! You can see the girls cracking up as the kids started to waver...


Walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Jeff at the front was the best moment! It was so much fun to walk slowly and really enjoy each step. At this point, time seemed to slow down and I really saw every single thing that went into this day. If there was a single moment that makes wedding planning worth the trouble, this was mine. Also, note the antique persian rugs lining the aisle--what an incredible touch!!!


Although my dad walked me down the aisle, my mom joined us at the front to help give me away. Although my parents divorced just a couple of years ago, they remain good friends and I am so proud that they have been able to maintain a relationship with one another and not make things weird at times like this! It was a great part of the day:


Kim asked us to look out at everyone for part of the ceremony, and it was so nice to take a moment to really look. Also, for those that are wondering my headpiece for the ceremony is by a hat maker in NYC called Kokin


These two are just so perfect. I particularly like the one on the right because it shows my "something old"--my great-grandmother's bracelet that my grandmother gave me last year.


The shot that most perfectly captures the ceremony:


I love these two. I want to take a minute and tell you a little story about the photo on the right of Candice. When I asked Candice to be my MOH, she accepted excitedly, but because of some date changes early on, we found out that her due date would conflict with the wedding. So all the way through the planning process, I knew that Candice would not be able to come to the wedding, as she was due just two weeks before. Although I was really sad, we prayed for her baby to be healthy and come a week or a few days early to at least give her a chance at making it, but she went right to her due date and had a beautiful baby boy, Wyatt. Although she said all along that if she was feeling up to it, she would do everything she could to be there, we both knew that having a baby is really hard on your body and mind, so there was really no chance. We made our peace. And yet, here she is, standing up for me at my wedding, two weeks post-partum. She looks incredible, Wyatt was amazing all day, and we were both just so happy that she was able to be there. She is truly superhuman!!







I'll be posting everything Post-Marriage later today or tomorrow--check back soon!