I am so so excited that my company, SHOOTSAC is launching it's first ever laptop bag called HIPSLIP on September 1 (Tuesday!). We pre-launched the hipslip back in March and instantly sold out of all the bags we had preordered, so we had to wait for the new bags to be made. I seriously cannot believe they are finally here!

We decided that there were so many super cool, and not totally obvious features of the HIPSLIP that it would be fun to make a VIDEO TOUR of the product and the NEW LINE of HIPSLIP COVERS. I can think of so many friends who aren't photographers who are going to love these new funky fun, chic laptop cases.

Check it out:

PS -- HIPSLIP covers are Shootsac compatible and Shootsac covers are HIPSLIP compatible. YOU already have so many new options your head will spin. I'll explain more about this later :)

**We want to make sure you are on our list so that you don't miss out on Tuesday! CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST**

Head on over to the SHOOTSAC BLOG for more photos, specs, details, and FUN!!

*Initially designed for the full line of Apple Notebooks, the HIPSLIP, will accommodate laptops from several major brands.