I'm so glad that I finally can post that the new DIRTY PICTURES TEXTURES BY TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS!!!(to find them, just click on the tab that says "BUY" and add them to your cart) I've been lucky enough to preview these during the beta testing and I seriously couldn't be more impressed with their quality.

I don't normally think that textures work well on my work because I generally prefer more crisp and clean photos, but the textures give me the flexibility to keep them super subtle to make a deeper, richer photo instead of a more cluttered one.

I may as well take the opportunity to share them on a sweet new baby, Nixon Hawke Sikes, who arrived a few weeks ago. I think it's a pretty stellar combination!

Look how sweet Nixon looks--he slept through most of the session:


But he did wake up for a few minutes, looking quite adorable!


The effort of waking up was too much, so he decided to go back to sleep:


I love this shot, and the texture on here makes it look almost like a painting:


Nixon's dad, Gary, decided to "man up" the photos a little bit:


Poor Nixon--he'll never even have a choice :)


I'm sure Gary was motivated solely out of love though:


Gary & Jana's hands on Nixon--you can tell he feels so safe when they're near him:


Gary didn't like that there were flowers in this photo, but I think it looks cool anyway. He has plenty of time to be manly later!


If you ever even think that you might use a texture ONCE on a photo, go grab the DIRTY PICTURES TEXTURES(to find them, just click on the tab that says "BUY" and add them to your cart. They will blow your mind. Seriously.