Last night, I did something I don't do often--I stood up in front of a room full of people, and I talked about my mistakes.

When my friend Jasmine asked me to speak at the OC Smug Mug meeting, for some reason I didn't hesitate to say yes immediately. Whereas I'm normally hesitant to speak in front of large groups, I feel that this past year, something in me has changed and I'm actually really enjoying it! I love being able to share with people, and hopefully save someone else from making the mistakes that I did. I think everyone at the SMUG meeting last night will attest to the gravity of these mistakes (shown to everyone in mounted 16X24 format) :)

I've been thinking for a long time about giving a workshop of my own here in Orange County. I got an overwhelming response when I opened up the private consulting a few months back, so much so that I was hundreds of emails deep and never quite dug out. So I FINALLY have decided to do something about it!

THE FIRST EVER JC/OC WORKSHOP! (I know the site isn't great--I love working with Show It Sites, it's super easy and fun, I'm just a little challenged :)

Here's the deal:


The LOCATION: My place here in Ladera Ranch, in Orange County

The DEAL: It's not going to be a "sit here and listen to me all day" workshop. I want a dynamic, fun, engaged group of people to really get into a good conversation with. The best part--I have Summer from Grey Likes Weddings arranging a mock ceremony and reception complete with a gorgeous couple and tons of DETAILS to shoot! I always want to share how I do things on a wedding day, but on a real wedding day, it's just not possible to bring 20 photographers along. But on September 22, I can!!

I'll be honest with you--I don't consider myself a public speaker, or even a naturally gifted teacher. But I do have a desire to help photographers grow and share what I've learned in a small-group setting where we speak frankly and honestly about the challenges presented to us every day.

If this sounds like you, **REGISTER HERE**. Once you submit that form, you are officially on the list to take the class--if you are given a seat, you must accept and agree to pay for it. You'll hear back in two days or less if you are in the class, and you'll get all kinds of good info like where to stay, who else will be there, and you can start telling me what you need to help your business or your photography to GROW!!

**space is VERY limited, so you'll want to register quickly**

Thanks so much to Jasmine for these photos from last night (and for her help with the workshop site and details!):