This is my fiancee, Jeff:


Isn't he cute when he's all aggressive at kickball?

Before I met Jeff and after I realized I might not ever get married, I had this idea that for my 30th birthday, I was going to throw myself this huge fancy party at a hotel down in Laguna Beach like the Ritz or the St. Regis, and I was going to buy a fancy dress and register for kitchen things and other cool stuff you get when you get married.

As things turned out, this will be the year that I get married, and there are so many festivities that go along with that (not to mention expenses that go along as well), that I decided just to skip my 30th birthday and have another one next year :)

Jeff wouldn't have any of it.

He and Victor threw the idea of a kickball party out to me, and I thought it was a fabulous idea! I love anything offbeat, quirky and fun, and this fit the bill on all three counts.

Jeff decided it would only work if everyone went all out, so he got us all uniforms, sweatbands, and eye black so we would look like a professional kickball team. At least four of the guys wore their cleats. Dane Sanders spiked his into my ankle rounding third base. I have a nasty bruise.

Anyway, here is Jeff helping his brother, Michael get his game face on:


Of course I needed to get mine on as well:


As you can see, I can be either nice, or quite intimidating:


Victor was the captain of the other team, the Pink Fluffy Monsters. Here he is reading out the lineup and prepping his starters. Jeff was the captain of our team, and he is rearranging the lineup to stack the top of the order, which gave us the early lead:


The competition between them was fierce, Michael shot this one:


Here's our official scorekeepers, Lindsay & Jana:


The third pregnant one, Candice, decided to go for the win and played:


Let's take a vote--who has better form?

Doug Boutwell?


or Michael Norwood?

Post your vote in the comments.


We were all number 30 :)


Here's me about to knock the ball out of the park:


The catch of the day--Jasmine played catcher and more or less just chitchatted with our team through most of the game :) Tom kicked this ball foul, and in a burst of unexpected commitment, Jasmine went running. She actually caught it!! As you can see, everyone was equally surprised:


In the last photo, can't you just hear a stream of Becker's smack talking comments?

After the game, I got to run through the tunnel, since it was my birthday :) Jasmine shot this photo:


The teams. Our team obviously looks more professional. We only didn't win because 4 or 5 guys showed up a bit late and all somehow ended up on the other team.


The other team didn't seem to all get the message that the team photo should be serious:


Seriously, they couldn't even hold their pyramid, how did they win??

A few photos of some of the couples:


We had a great bonfire & cookout after:


This was the best kickball/birthday party ever! We are now practicing twice a week and having monthly rematches :)