I'm sure that as much as ya'll loved seeing my mom's surprised face as we shocked the bejeezus out of her for her birthday, you're ready for a new post, huh?!

Oh, there are plenty of new posts being worked on as we speak, for example, Kristen & Nick:


and Cheyenne & Daniel:


But I've found out something new in the past couple of weeks about weddings, that I never really knew: they are a LOT of work, and quite stressful!

As a photographer, I'm limited for the most part, to knowing about one very specific part of a wedding. What do I know about rentals, linens, lighting, catering, caterers bringing in their own KITCHEN because the location doesn't have one, hotel blocks, chair covers, flowers, what days the flower mart is and isn't open, and the myriad of other minutia that combine to create a wedding explosion?!

Well, as you might have guessed, while I know people who are experts in these areas, the information doesn't reside solely in my head, which is a serious disadvantage to planning a wedding. It's a good thing I have an absolutely amazing coordinator working on my & Jeff's big day, who I'll be doing a post about in the next few days.

Still though, the decisions that have to be made fall mostly on me, since Jeff has a real job and being a guy, cares less about how napkins are folded or the stamps that are going to go on the invitations. He did, however, take the leadership role in registering at Williams Sonoma yesterday, since I'm so hungry due to my wedding diet that all I wanted was cake mix and individual cupcake holders for those times that I desperately need to take a cupcake on the road with me (yes, I actually registered for 4 OF THOSE!).

In any case, in honor of my wedding FINALLY really starting to take shape, I feel like GIVING SOMETHING AWAY TODAY!! The item I'll be giving away showed up on my Amazon store a few posts ago and I just think it is so cute! It is the super fabulous, SHOOTSAC inspired Emilie pillow! Check it out:


Doesn't this pillow look so much like Baroque, our best selling, most classic cover of all time? Big things are happening for our baby, Baroque this month, so this giveaway is extra good :)

Anyway, if you want to win the super cute pillow, here's what you have to do:

Post a comment in the comment section with the BEST piece of wedding planning advice you have or have ever heard. It can be a word of encouragement, an anecdote, a funny story or a disaster story, something you learned, a GOOD IDEA I should use, or anything else you've got! You have until noon tomorrow. GO!

**you must leave a REAL email address and website address (if you have one)**