I used to absolutely LOVE the show "Trading Spaces". They'd come in, take some neighbors and $1000, and completely change the look of a room in someone's house. Most of the time, the rooms were so extreme they were kind of hideous, but every now and then they would do something SO fantastic that it looked straight out of Elle Decor.

I remember one episode in particular where the designer had to convince the neighbors who were going to be doing the work to see her vision. She showed them an artichoke and pointed out how it was all different shades of greens and purples, cream and browns, and explained that it was going to be the focal point of the room. The neighbors looked at each other in complete disbelief that a vegetable was going to be their inspiration, but they went along with it anyway. I don't remember what the room looked like exactly, but it was awesome, and it was all because of one little artichoke :)

Our wedding started much the same way. Now, I have been to many, many weddings, obviously. Although this makes planning easier in some ways, in another way it's so much more difficult because there are SO many choices out there! Should the wedding be all piercing bright colors? Dramatic and all one color? Super modern like my hotel icon The Viceroy? With so many directions to ponder, Jeff and I started to talk about what kind of wedding would suit us, and all I was getting from him was "I don't want it to be super girly". Okay...check.

So what should be the focal point of the wedding? Well, I'll be honest--for at least the past few years, I've been more interested in what shoes I'd wear to my wedding than even the dress! I thought it would be entirely possible (and not strange in any sense) to pick the shoes first and revolve the theme around them.

Of course at the time, I figured it would be MY shoes that would be the focal point of the wedding.

Well, it just so happens that Jeff and I were shopping one day, when we came across the perfect shoes and subsequent look of the entire wedding. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on these babies:


Yup, they are Jeff's actual wedding shoes and the basis for our entire (and I hate this word but i'm going to use it anyway) theme! One more shot now:


More to come...stay tuned and happy Friday!